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Project CALC

Project CALC

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Updated to

- Several bug fixes for private leagues - all seem to be working now, please report if you find any more bugs.
- Fixed so you can switch between normal leaderboards and private leagues in the app. If you have a league selected, only laps from that league will show.
- Removed the popup alert that there is a new update, and instead put that message at the top of the app. Less annoying, for me at least.

Download as usual from https://projectcalc.org/download.php
Fixed an issue with Monza Short that wasn't correctly identified. Also, now possible to select a private league from the app.
Fix for embedded fonts again & fixed some vehicle names -
Always get latest version at https://projectcalc.org/download.php
Embedded fonts should now work properly.
Hopefully I managed to embed the fonts this time :)
This brings all the lcd happiness to the Home & TT Mode screens.