console racing

  1. Jenn Cutter

    Free Console Racing Games in April 2020

    Every month, those subscribed to PlayStation Plus and/or Xbox Live Gold are presented selected titles to download for free. April 2020 presents console gamers with racing titles to keep us busy all month long. PlayStation 4 owners will get to slide around in DiRT Rally 2.0 while Xbox One gets...
  2. Maskmagog

    Project CALC

    Project CALC gives you Project CARS 2 leaderboards in Time Trial per car and track, even if you're on PS4 or Xbox One. Just run the little app on a PC, and your laptimes will be uploaded to the database. PC laptimes are automatically uploaded. See for leaderboards and more info...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Have Your Say: Tell Us Your All Time Favourite Console Racer

    RaceDepartment ask our readers to list their all time favourite top five console racing games... Console racing often gets overlooked by gamers who consider PC racing offerings as more of a "serious" alternative, however looking back over the years consoles have produced some of the finest...