1. F1 2021 The Game review

    F1 2021 The Game review

    Formula One’s official game is now in full release for the 2021 season. Codemasters has brought a full story mode and another annual round of improvements. But is it enough to justify the upgrade from 2020? F1 2021 is the latest installment of the F1 series from developer Codemasters, and the...
  2. Maskmagog

    Project CALC

    Project CALC gives you Project CARS 2 leaderboards in Time Trial per car and track, even if you're on PS4 or Xbox One. Just run the little app on a PC, and your laptimes will be uploaded to the database. PC laptimes are automatically uploaded. See for leaderboards and more info...
  3. Paul Jeffrey

    Community Questions | Best Console Racing Title?

    Without doubt the array of consoles available today have a much larger pool of gamers to compete for than PC, and as such plenty of racing games to choose from - but which one is the best? Recent years have seen an increasing number of traditional PC racing simulations make the move over to...