1. R

    GT World Challenge Leaderboard Replica V1.1

    GT World Challenge Replica Leaderboard. Positions 1-4 are the 4 drivers in front of you. You are the 5th driver Positions 6-9 are the 4 drivers behind you Your car number is 000 because I couldn't find that value. Any and all help is appreciated. Features: Current track and session type on the...
  2. A

    SubStanding (Extended) 2.14

    This app is an extension to https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/substanding.4998/ by MegadetH_44 (who kindly gave me permission to publish my changes). Install To install this app it is recommended to use Content Manager by just dragging the zip over the Content Manager Window. You can...
  3. Full Pace Sim Racing

    Race Assist 1.3

    Requires Simhub v8.0.3 or later! Race Assist is developed and tested on old iPad Models. It should adapt to other screen sizes well, but I can't gurarantee it's pixel perfect. Features: - Current Lap - Fuel remaining / Laps remaining / Fuel alert - Car damage - Tyre pressure / temp / wear -...
  4. nsss

    ACC Simhub Dynamic Leaderboards Plugin 1.2.0

    This is an ACC specific (at least at the moment) leaderboard plugin providing simple switching between overall/class/relative leaderboards. The reason for this plugin is that I found myself creating effectively the same dash leaderboard layout several times for overall leaderboard and then...
  5. Leonardo Ratafiá

    Mod / App Requests Thread

    is it possible that we could see a Power and Glory Mod for AC, having Aristotelis worked for both? :)
  6. X

    XIV Overlays 2.0.2

    What is it ? This is a bundle with all my (completed and redesigned) simhub overlays oriented for ACC. I bundled them to simplify dev and install and synchronize the versionning more efficiently. Refer to the end of post for install instructions. Warning Simhub 8.x is a major release with...
  7. M

    Endurance Broadcast Overlay 1.0

    Hi all, This is a overlay I made while ago for league. But since its not getting used anymore, I have decided to release it. If you see any bugs feel free to let me know, and I might look into it. If you like what you see, please feel free to give feedback. If there is enough interest I might...
  8. St54Kevin

    rF2 | Simhub | MMO - Modern Multiclass Overlay Standings/Relative/Tires/Radar 2.3.2

    Please check this page regularly for updates!! Requirements: - Simhub v8 - Garyswallow Plugin v6.6.2+ (just the .dll plugin file + "GS - Options" folder in DashTemplates) Features: - Leaderboard is build to put into top left corner - Multiclass display (class colors, names and inclass...
  9. N

    Clasificación de Liga en vivo 1.0

    Esta es una clasificación teórica de una liga con las puntuaciones que fija el reglamento de F1. Hecho con Simhub, (simhubdash.com) y requiriendo el plugin de Gary Swallow...
  10. D

    SimHub leaderboard for Assetto Corsa 1.1

    This is my leaderboard, i've tested it on Assetto corsa It has the following: - 5 ahead drivers - 5 behind drivers (For a total of 11 slots in leaderboart (5 ahead + you + 5 behind)) - For each player it shows: Realtime Position Car Number Player name Car brand Best Lap time Last Lap...
  11. R

    Simple Leaderboard 2020 V.01

    My First Leaderboard, inspired on other work find on web
  12. santial28

    F1 2021 TV Broadcast Leaderboard 2.1

    I'm still very gladly to present my "F1 2021 Tv-Like" leaderboard dashboard v2.1!! The idea is to make a Leaderboard who looks as close as possible to the international tv broadcast of Formula 1. Includes: - Laps completed/remaining, driver names, team colour. - Interval time gap between the...
  13. eximus

    Formula 1 Leaderboard and Widgets 1.5

    Formula 1 TV Leaderboard App for Assetto Corsa App for our assetto corsa Formula 1 championship, that I have been working and decided to share. Still has some issues! Submit them to the github page of this project. Can be tweaked for other championships using the "teams.ini" file. It works...
  14. Schmuckiiii

    (OLD) Formula 1 Transmission Leaderboards 2 (SimHUB) - GBJsch V1.2

    The Team Colors only work on the F1 GAMES! -------------------------------------- Full Name List: -------------------------------------- This is a remake of an other resource! CLICK HERE to see the original! If you found any bug or have some question, DM me or put it on the Discussion...
  15. Frederic TRAZIBULE

    Mini LeaderBoard SIMHUB + comment changer de screen sur un support a la fois 1.6

    Mini leader board prévu pour ACC mais fonctionne aussi avec AC Un mini leaderBoard, avec les 3 pilotes qui nous précédent et les 3 pilotes qui nous suivent , avec : -type de la session -nom du circuit -meilleur chrono du circuit -meilleur chrono de la session -dernier chrono de la session...
  16. Frederic TRAZIBULE

    Mini LeaderBoard SIMHUB 1.6

    Voici un mini leaderBoard, avec les 3 pilotes qui nous précédent et les 3 pilotes qui nous suivent , avec : -type de la session -nom du circuit -meilleur chrono du circuit -meilleur chrono de la session -dernier chrono de la session -écart DASH 1= Mini Leader Board V2 -3 screens: .Screen 1=...
  17. BloodySalmonMan

    TSL timing style leaderboard for SimHub 1.0

    TSL timing style leaderboard for SimHub. Available properties: Track name Session name Remaining time Flag (Green bar on top) Position Driver name Best lap Gap to ahead Completed laps Please do let me know if you spot anything wrong.
  18. F

    UFLT Leaderboard / Telemetry tool 2019-11-27

    Hi guys, over the past weeks I have been developing a tool that records your laptime and car telemetry when racing. You can review your laptime progression and telemetry online. Currently supported sims: AC, ACC, PCARS2, RRE All data is avaliable on the main page: https://www.010102.de To get...
  19. Schmuckiiii

    (OLD) Real 2019 F1 Transmission Style Leaderboard for SimHub - GBJ V5.0

    THIS RESOURCE NOT WILL BE UPDATED ANY MORE! 2019 F1 TV Style Leaderboard for Race, Qualifying and Practice - SimHub (PT-BR & English) Contains: - Leaderboard - Pit Info - Flag Info - Interval Info - Position Info - Race Laps - Qualifying Time - Q1, Q2 & Q3 - Practice 1, 2 & 3 - Driver at Risk...
  20. Maskmagog

    Project CALC

    Project CALC gives you Project CARS 2 leaderboards in Time Trial per car and track, even if you're on PS4 or Xbox One. Just run the little app on a PC, and your laptimes will be uploaded to the database. PC laptimes are automatically uploaded. See projectcalc.org for leaderboards and more info...