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Porsche 917K SOUNDMOD

Porsche 917K SOUNDMOD A2

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Hi everyone, I started working on the legendary 917 few days ago, I know there was a 917 soundmod back in the days and I decided to make my own version of this sound (featuring distance and flyby effects and on/off-throttle sample triggering)

Hope you enjoy ! ps: (I'm known as Ama FMOD on youtube if you want to check more content)

Exhaust at: 0:00 - Onboard at: 1:47

Sources :

To install just drag and drop the content of the rar into sfx folder of the car "ks_porsche_917_k"
File size
314.6 MB
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4.92 star(s) 24 ratings

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Latest reviews

Thank You! A great improvement!
Amazing extertnal sounds, upshifting is fabulous!
Please tell me how to install it.
Tried them and loved it! Thank you for making these sounds!
superbe son tellement plus réaliste
Load, brutal, an absolutely fantastic sound mod. It is not historically correct, but I also use the mod for the 962 shorttail. It works and is fun. great work!!!!
Like a couple people have said - there's a silent spot onboard between off throttle and on throttle. I notice it every time I shift letting off the throttle. Other than that it sounds great.
Really impresive - one of the best soundmods for AC. Maybe the interior idling sound is a lttle too quiet. But that is complaining at a high level
Brilliant Thanks.
One of the best sound mod! Interior and exterior are perfect. Thank you for creating this great mod.
preview sounds good. will test now
I love it,it's so brutal and realistic
Greatest race car ever, now with sfx to match.
This sound mate is so …...MAGIC ! Thx foe your job !! 5 stars is not enough !!
The exterior sound is blowing me away.. amazing! There is however a silent spot onboard between off throttle and on throttle, there is something missing there, you'll notice it when you're "pumping" the pedal in a corner if you know what i mean :D
10 stars ! Awsome sound , a lot better then te kunos sound . Great work ! Thanks a lot !
Ce son !
Enorme !
C'est le son que j'ai toujours eu en tête depuis petit lorsque j epense à une voiture de course, merci mille fois!
Well deserved 5 stars for making this, sounds amazing. Nice one mate :)
From soundmodder to soundmodder. BRAVO with that one dude, especially on the far off-throttles. I really felt the power given off by braking off into the distance.
Thanks, sounds perfect, i think the onboard needs a bit of work but still amazing :)
incredible thankyou