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Cosworth DFV SoundMod [Immersive Replays]

Cosworth DFV SoundMod [Immersive Replays] 1.2_72D

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Hi everyone, I'm a little soundmodder from France, i'm sharing my content on a facebook group and on my Youtube channel.
Since a lot of people enjoyed my work with some advice from those people I decided to post my work on RaceDepartment so people can put their hands on my work ! ;)
If you want to see more content just check my Youtube Channel, most of my sounds are made like this.

The sound is made to suit the Kunos Lotus 72D, it features multiple effects like distance fading away, fly by effect, throttle triggering samples (to install just drag'n'drop the content of the rar in assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_lotus_72d\sfx (the sfx folder of the Lotus 72D) :

New Onboard Sounds in 1.2 :

As you can see in this video, replays are really immersive, and it's a pleasure to drive ingame

Exhaust sounds are made from this video :

If you want to support my work, you can help me by donating on this link :
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Latest updates

  1. New onboard sounds, modified data.acd (with backup)

    Here is a new onboard sound for the 72D DFV sound I made one year ago from this video : The...
  2. Onboard Sounds Update

    Just updated the onboard sounds with a new more clear DFV sound Including two level of partial...
  3. Fixed the "tatuusfa1" bug + adjusted idle sounds rpm

    => Fixed the "tatuusfa1" bug that may cause a car using the same audio GUIDs as this soundmod...

Latest reviews

tu es pour le moment le modder ( a mon sens ) qui fait vraiment des sons autos de 1 ere qualité sans bruit de "jeu electronique" avec une belle réverberation .
Mon rêve serait que quelqu'un réussisse un jour a me sortir un vrai bruit de 306 MAXI ou autre kitkar mais je n'en ai pas trouvé un seul pour le moment.J'éspère qu'un jour tu te pencheras sur la question
Best cosworth DFV sound, even better than the RSS Formula 79 stock sound! Only thing i noticed were the blips in the sound, more notably in the higher revs shift up, when pushing the throttle, but other than that fantastic job! Hope it will get fixed
Vraiment merdique ce truc..Nooon je rigole ^^ C'est pour moi l'un des 3 meilleurs mods son sur AC. L'immersion est exceptionnelle, je ne pilote qu'en cockpit et c'est vraiment génial. Essayé sur la Chevron B16 c'est un régal et les downshifts son exceptionnels. j'en ai encore des frissons.
Loved the Sound, love your work, but I noticed in this case there is no sound until 2k rpm, so maybe do an update?Thanks
yup, I'm aware of that as soon as I have more time I will fix couple things on the sound
Just brilliant
As close to the real thing as it gets :)
vraiment excellent ! merci !!
trop bon merci !
c'est quoi le prochain ? ;o)
Merci !
Je bosse sur plusieurs sons, un 1JZ, le V8 de la ferrari 308 GTS, Aventador Capristo, un son pour la Skoda 130RS
Et bientôt une version drift du 2JZ de la supra que j'ai publié sur ma chaîne
very very good bravo
Great sound. Thanks.
Great sound! I could probably use this for the F1 1975 V8 cars
Thanks ! Is that a mod you are making ? :)
Incroyable ! très beau travail !
Franchement chapeau ! ;)
Si je peu te demander quelque chose, il y a la Maserati MC12 GT1 qui n'a aucun mod de son disponible, ou du moins correct.
Et le son de base dans le jeu est vraiment pas terrible, porrais tu faire quelque chose tu pense ?
Merci beaucoup !
Pour répondre à ta question c'est faisable dans la mesure où je trouve de bons enregistrements audio de cette voiture sur youtube, et si j'ai le temps de rajouter ça à ma liste de projets ;)
Fantastic work on the outside, but may I ask where did the onboard samples came from? The inside sounds a bit too similar to the AMS's F-Retro.
Yeah that's it exaclty, that's the only "negative" point I have on this soundmod, I reworked them to make the loops longer but yes there are some AMS samples for onboard but I will work on it to change them, found a HQ video source to patch this ;)
Great work, thanks for bringing this to us :-)
Thank you ! :) Just released the T70 soundmod fexw seconds ago ;)
Just amazing!

You and other guy, who did all gt3 cars, are proof that Kunos drop AC way to early in favour of ACC.
It is stunning how much more immersive and alive AC could sounds if you compare with original, mostly dull sounds.

Did you have any plans for other cars .. Something like gt40, (who is sounds especialy bad and nothing like RL) or sauber c9 ;) ?

Keep up the good work, thumbs up!
Thanks haha!

Yeah that's sad the game is just getting better with shader patch and new soundmodders but they needed their licensed game to be more "popular" in simracing purposes
It's cause Kunos didn't used fmod potential, btw their pipeline (tutorial) for fmod in their sdk folder is outdated and misses documentation

well I can add every car you mentioned to my "to do" list, My real strenght is creating immersive exhaust sound and replays sounds since I'm using HQ stereo sounds from YT video like fly bys vids etc.. it's a really fun task for me
GT40 or288GTO are those I would love to work on, btw I have really good idea for 288 GTO, using sounds from the start of this vid especially the engine wobble when he changes gear, I can easily reproduce this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_UzwyxyD0c&t=26s
Chapeau bas! It sounds fantastic.
Merci ! :)
Holy Moly! You absolutely nailed it! I've long felt that sound is about 60% of immersion. That is, is, if you have only meh gfx but amazing sfx you're gonna be RIGHT THERE, but the other way around, you'll admire the pretty picture but you won't be transported. There's a CD out there, "Open Pipe Symphony" which captures the sound of a 12-cylinder Ferrari 312 F1 car that raises the hackles on my neck every time I hear it. Google it or: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_U3cbydv9Y
Thanks hahaha ! That's exaclty the feeling I have while playing a game, SFX is like so much important, I could play a potato graphics game, since it has a serious immersive sound I'll stay hours playing it !
Btw the video you sent is the typical kind of video I use for my exhaust sample, to provide a fly by effect etc.. Might think about doing this one since it sounds pretty good ;)
wow really nice sounds in general. Looking forward to more of your work :D
Thank you very much ! :)
Every update on my work (Soundmods Tests, Preview and Releases) will be post on my YT Channel and here on RD : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoOQ74jfwfXGy3--xo_U96w
Sweet, great representation.
Thanks :) ! I mismatched the upload tho, I'm uploading the version for Kunos Lotus 72D, so everyone can drag'n'drop the sound in their vanilla Lotus 72D without downloading any F1 mods
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