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  1. Ama FMOD

    McLaren MP4-12C SOUNDMOD 1.0

    Hi everyone, this is another project I was working on : The car used in the video has a slighty modified gearbox that use correct gear ratios unlike kunos mclaren Might add more samples to the sound later Source onboard : Exhaust was made with P1 and MP4-12C exhaust mix
  2. Ama FMOD

    Ferrari 458 Armytrix Exhaust SOUNDMOD 1.0

    Hi everyone, was working on a lot of project recently, I decided to release this one on RD, this include a sound and data.acd for the 458 s3 of assetto corsa, the data.acd is a fix to make downshift sound realistic with the sound and use the power curve of 458 speciale, consider making a back of...
  3. Ama FMOD

    Porsche 917K SOUNDMOD A2

    Hi everyone, I started working on the legendary 917 few days ago, I know there was a 917 soundmod back in the days and I decided to make my own version of this sound (featuring distance and flyby effects and on/off-throttle sample triggering) Hope you enjoy ! ps: (I'm known as Ama FMOD on...