Porsche 911 GT America - IER Simulations - USCC Mod

Porsche 911 GT America - IER Simulations - USCC Mod 1.0

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IER Simulations is proud to finally present the official conclusion to the USCC mod, the Porsche 911 GT America.

Development Team:
mclarenf1papa - physics, project manager
Patrik Marek - 3D modeling, textures, liveries
Le Sun Tzu - liveries
Fonsecker - sounds, reference material
Gary Paterson - driver animations

About the car:
The 911 GT America was built exclusively for the United Sports Car Championship (USCC) and its GT Daytona class for the championship's maiden year in 2014. Based on Porsche's 991 Cup car, the GT America was fitted with a more powerful 4.0-litre engine and new aerodynamic appendages to better match the car's performance to the GT3-based vehicles of the GT Daytona class. One of the most affordable cars on the grid, the GT America saw great use and great success in the USCC until GTD was reformatted in 2016, rendering the car ineligible for competition.

Known issues:
- Car is very bad over uneven apex surfaces like curbs (tire model issue with AC - worse on some cars than others). Exit curb behavior is okay.

Livery template:

Drag and drop content and system folders into Assetto Corsa root directory (typically "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa").

Do not convert or modify our work in any way without our written consent. We spend hundreds of hours making our content; please respect that. Additionally, please no re-hosting of our car(s).

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Latest reviews

A bit late to the party I guess! I find this car to be a challenge to drive, you have to be totally focused otherwise it bites hard, but when everything gels it is a very rewarding experience.

Braking is tricky without ABS, it is very easy to lock a wheel and miss an apex, likewise too much throttle at the wrong time will see the rear snap around in the blink of an eye. You have to be really careful with curbs, it leaves me wondering what I did wrong that at times...

To sum up, not the most user friendly of cars, but spend some time and effort to understand it foibles and it excites.
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Tested this on Midohio raceway. Very good feeling of road bumbs.
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Everything is Excellent and working Great!
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Great car, Thank you!
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Increíble, creo que es el mejor mod de Porsche que he probado.
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Not running in my AC :( loading and return screen car selected
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Mod is great, but there are some reversed normals in the model
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great mod
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Thank you!
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thanks again
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Muy bueno
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excelente mod
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The car sounds and looks awesome and even drives great.
But it seems the car is bugged for me somehow!
When starting a new session the tires are already RED (in terms of wear) and the car is very slippery and near undrivable all the time.
Am I doing something wrong?!
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Great Car!
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Incredible 3D and physics work.
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the best Mod ever
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AMAZING!!!, nice GT, thanks for this incredible mod.
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Oh man, the cup porsche in ac is a lot of fun but this car is even funnier. Absolutely no cons on this mod, is near perfect.
I really like to drive porsches in rf2, ac and acc, but this mod is one of my favorites!
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Just had my first online race with this mod and I loved it. It's certainly one of the best handling mods out there for AC. I find the longer braking distances just as another challenge, and certainly not an issue with the mod. There is a small graphical glitch just with another car's door behind not rendering in the virtual mirror.
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Wow! What a car. It's so immersive. The feel, the sound, everything. I love the tailhappiness, but the brakes lock up a bit too easy. Thanks! Cheers Robin
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