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  1. J

    Porsche 991 RSR 'Porsche Intelligent Performance' IMSA USCC 2015 1.0

    Livery for the 2017 (and 2018) Porsche 991.2 RSR that uses the design from the 2015 Porsche RSR with Porsche's "Intelligent Performace" slogan. The livery was used on the RSR's in the IMSA USCC in 2015.
  2. ZL1

    URD EGT Venom | SRT Motorsports #91, #93 - Tudor United SportsCar Championship 2014 (2K) v1.0

    A more advanced livery to make than my first one. I present to you guys the liveries of SRT Motorsports used in the IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship from 2014 onwards. The 2 driver names themselves are chosen by the two drivers who competed the most even of the 2014 season, since it...
  3. Neko Taisen

    Taisen Racing Corvette C7R WEC & IMSA 2.0

    After I did some skins on the Corvette dedicated to all my friends as a real first try, I decided to make an unpersonnal and public variant of my skins for everyone. The package includes WEC and USCC skins of my fictional team. You need to know that, all extra lights are not from me but from...
  4. LeSunTzu

    Porsche GT America - Team Seattle - USCC 2014 2019-10-20

    Last skin for the GT America :)
  5. LeSunTzu

    Porsche GT America - Muhlner Motorsports - USCC 2015 #18 2019-10-06

  6. LeSunTzu

    Porsche GT America - Wright Motorsports - USCC 2014 2019-09-06

    As usual in 6k and 3k versions.
  7. mclarenf1papa

    Cars [IER Simulations] Ferrari 458 GT3

    We've only just announced the car officially on our Facebook page, but I've posted progress in the "What Are You Working On?" thread over the past week or so. @Stereo suggested the idea that competitors for our Porsche GT America would be relatively feasible with the AC Patch's "model...
  8. LeSunTzu

    Porsche GT America - Dempsey Racing - USCC 2014 #27 2

  9. LeSunTzu

    Porsche GT America - Park Place Motorsports - USCC 2014 #71 2019-07-27

    6k and 3k versions included
  10. S

    2015 USCC - Paul Miller Racing #48 - Audi R8 LMS Ultra 1.0

    New entry for the 2015 USCC! Audi R8 GTD ran by Paul Miller Racing. Couldn't get a decent looking chrome effect on the metallic part, sadly. Previews:
  11. S

    2015 USCC - TRG #007 & #009 - Aston Martin Vantage GT3 2019-07-20

    Another addition to the 2015 GTD field, the Aston Martins ran by TRG Motorsports! These are made for the GUE Aston Martin Vantage GT3, available on the Simsport facebook page. Previews:
  12. LeSunTzu

    Porsche GT America - Alex Job Racing - USCC 2015 #22 2019-07-19

    This one did not make it to the mod because it was essentially a duplicate. It might be of interest for a Daytona 2015 grid, so here it is.
  13. LeSunTzu

    Porsche GT America 6K skins 2019-07-19

    This is the high-res version of some of the skins included in 1.0 release of the IER mod, ie: - skins #58 (Wright/Brumos) and #28 (Konrad) created by Rosicki10 and updated to the last state of the mod; - others by me. The files are heavy (6k*4k with alpha for the main texture), so they are...
  14. S

    2015 USCC - Scuderia Corsa #63 - Ferrari 458 GT2 2019-07-18

    Another USCC livery! This time is an adaptation of the GTD category Ferrari 458 over the GT2 chassis. In Scuderia Corsa colors! Previews:
  15. mclarenf1papa

    Porsche 911 GT America - IER Simulations - USCC Mod 1.0

    IER Simulations is proud to finally present the official conclusion to the USCC mod, the Porsche 911 GT America. Development Team: mclarenf1papa - physics, project manager Patrik Marek - 3D modeling, textures, liveries Le Sun Tzu - liveries Fonsecker - sounds, reference material Gary Paterson -...
  16. S

    2015 USCC - Mazda Skyactiv Lola B12/60 1.0

    Rendition of the cars ran by Mazda Motorsports in the 2015 season of the USCC. As AC lacks a proper B12/60, i had to adapt the liveries to the quite older B09/86. Link to the car is in the archive. Password to the car's archive is Apexxer. Previews:
  17. mclarenf1papa

    Cars United SportsCar Championship [WIP] - IER Modding Group

    Presents: The United SportsCar Championship Modification THE FUTURE OF AMERICAN SPORTS CAR RACING USCC (+more) official website: http://www.imsa.com USCC 2014 WIKI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_United_SportsCar_Championship_season Check official USCC Mod Website for Job...