Pescara circuit basic mod

Pescara circuit basic mod 1.00

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My first mod on assetto corsa, hope you will enjoy.
Better versions will come.

Mod born for the R.E.C., Rincos Extreme Championship organised by the famous italian simdriver Amos Laurito

Hope you will enjoy!!
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I've been waiting for Pescara for a long time. If you have too... well, be patient. This is pre-alpha, and shouldn't really be released other than for testing purposes. It's a basic tarmac track with endless fields of non-textured grass around it, it has no mini map, spawn points are borked, etc.

That being said, if the author is willing to put hundreds of hours into it, it could become something, and I'll gladly give it 5 stars :)
Very intresting project, i really hope to see it grow in a short time, because i cannot wait to just drive into a wall with a '60 F1 car because i missed my breaking point also in this circuit
Honestly, a the moment it's... it needs some work, but with this work it could become my favourite AC circuit. If you need some ideas or stuff to use in this mod, I would recommend to take a lot at the Circuito da Boavista Mod.
If you also like other tracks that annoyed the drivers, you could try to recreate Zeltweg :-). That's clearly easier to recreate than Pescara and good practise for such hard mods as this. Although, 5 stars and a big Thank You for the future.
thank you very much!
Please work on it
Surely I will!
Loading from CM, just crash.
Please test it.
It works for me and for my friends, try to reinstall it, but I'll try to find the bug and fix it
Non funziona, il gioco crasha come ha detto motorinellaleggenda
It works (via Content Manager), but my goodness it really is basic! Hardly driveable with enjoyment yet, but the 5 stars are for the future: we really need Pescara in AC. I would love a Mille Miglia too with full detail, but I guess that's impossible!
Thank you for trust me! I will work on it in few days, but thus is my first mod and I'm learning day by day how to improve that
I'm telling you that the game crashes by starting it from Content manager , maybe there is something to review