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"ORECA LMP2" SKIN PACK for "Endurance Pack." 2.05

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A work around fix was implimented for older skins that were not painted using the new material/shader system so they will be able to display a more glossy finish though may show minor imperfections as bleed-thru in the paint's finish.

This Skin Pack now provides you with a total of "35" AI opponents. :)

NOTE: "Sub-Categories" listed under Oreca /Oreca 07 Skin Pack"

IMSA 2018 and Le Mans 24h 2018

LMP2 Oreca 07 Pack, LMP1 Pack, LMP2 Pack, IMSA 2018 Pack, Le Mans 24h 2018 Pack.

"SPECIAL NOTE on the following Opponent Filters" - Select either filter to correctly work.
LMP1_Pack filter added as a request to race with only LMP1 class (name only) - 10 opponents!
LMP2_Pack filter added as a request to race without LMP1 and DPi drivers. - 13 opponents!

Place the RFCMP file into your rFactor2/Packages directory then go in game to install it.

HUGE CREDITS to Studio 397 for this awesome Endurance Pack.

FULL CREDITS to these awesome talented painters:
Bears, Gamers, Emilien, Highlandwalker, Ned52, Spadon,
SamtheStupid, and Virus Racing Designs.

If there are any new future updates to Studio 397's Endurance Pack then my Skin Pack Addon might no longer work and if this is the case i will provide a update when necessary. This is mainly for offline use but it will also work great online too if the Server has this Skin Pack addon installed which will then enable you to use any one of your third party skins. :)

In the future if you should decide that you want to uninstall this Skin Pack or any previous versions from in the game, be aware that it will also remove the car mod but if you simply shut down rFactor and restart it then the car mod will reinstall itself. I prefer the method to simply go to your Vehicles directory where your Oreca 07 LMP2 is installed and then manually delete the Skin addon directory.
Ace King
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Latest updates

  1. SKIN-PKG 2.05

    This update fix was necessary do to recent updates from S397. Added "LMP1_Pack" opponent filter...
  2. SKIN-PKG 1.84

    This update fix was necessary do to S397 update on June 16, 2019 Added Nissan LMP2 # 25
  3. SKIN-PKG 1.76

    This Update Fix was necessary due to S397 recent update which broke this pack. New improved...

Latest reviews

thanks a lot!
Fantastic stuff!! I love racing this class of car & always get a bit miffed when S397 'break' these great templates, so I really appreciate the update.
Ace King
Ace King
Thanks, enjoy those beasts!
one question, its possibel to make difference .svm for the LMP1 car´s?
wonderful skinpack, thanks so much
Ace King
Ace King
Thanks Manfredk2. Give big thanks to these talented painters!
Is their a way to have just P1's and not the P2's or the other way round? Otherwise brilliant job!
Ace King
Ace King
After you select your LMP proceed to your Opponent filters and make sure there is only the "LMP1_Pack" or "LMP2_Pack" Opponent filter selected which will then provide you this class!

Note: Added a "LMP1 Pack" Opponent filter in this version 2.05
Awesome skin pack, man! Keep up the good work. Love it.
Ace King
Ace King
Thank You, enjoy!
Wonderful and well organized package!! Thank you very much for your work!
Ace King
Ace King
Your most welcome and thank you for your review and rating!
with Preview-Picture many thanks for your Work. The best Skin Pack of all Time. very well organized and structured.

Thousand Thank !
Ace King
Ace King
Thank you Danny for your nice review, and rating. Enjoy!
Loved the skins before the update, hopefully they are even better when you update them :)
Great set of skins, however, with the new update all the skins been disabled
Ace King
Ace King
I'am very well aware this S397 update broke both my Endurance and Oreca skin packs so been working to release a update fix.
the update today disable your mod. please check an update ;)
Ace King
Ace King
I will release a update fix with a few additional new skins asap.
Ace King
Ace King
thanks for repairing (ALL) your skin packs
the best skin pack on RF 2
Ace King
Ace King
Your welcome and thanks alot for your nice review!
I love this pack!!!
...but recently Endurance Pack may have updated, and this doesn't work:(
Please update!
Ace King
Ace King
I'am aware of this recent S397 update which broke all 3 of my Skin Pack Addons so i'll be very busy to bring new update fixes!
Great work.Can we see skins for the Porsche cars and for the rest of the endurance pack? Awesome work , thanks.
Very good skins :)
Ace King
Ace King
Big thanks to the awesome painters. Thanks for your 5 stars!
great work on these!..well done!
Ace King
Ace King
Thanks Mike, now enjoy the great skin selection!
Great work and thank you for sharing.
Ace King
Ace King
Thankyou Bostrom, enjoy!
Very nice. Thank you for sharing.
Ace King
Ace King
Enjoy those beasts!