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"ORECA LMP2" SKIN PACK for "Endurance Pack." 2.05

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This update fix was necessary do to recent updates from S397.
Added "LMP1_Pack" opponent filter for races with only LMP1 class (by name only) 13 drivers!
This update fix was necessary do to S397 update on June 16, 2019
Added Nissan LMP2 # 25
This Update Fix was necessary due to S397 recent update which broke this pack.
New improved MaterialOverride naming edited into all car's veh files recommended by S397.

A work around fix was implimented for older skins that were not painted using the new material/shader system so they will be able to display a more glossy finish though may show minor imperfections as bleed-thru in the paint's finish.

This Skin Pack now provides you with a total of "34" AI opponents. :)

Opponent Filters improved & renamed
LMP2 Pack filter added as a request to race without LMP1 and DPi drivers.

IMSA 2018 and Le Mans 24h 2018
IMSA 2018 Pack, Le Mans 24h 2018 Pack, LMP2 Oreca 07 Pack
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