Oran Park LiDAR

Oran Park LiDAR 1.2

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Always a favorite when I played GTR and rFactor. Thanks for all your work on the AC version.
So awesome, so many drivers raved about this track but I never appreciated it for what it was thinking it was too small compared to the rest of the tracks here in Australia.
Thanks so much for your efforts, absolutely love it, shame the housing sprawl in Sydney swallowed it up :(
Nice =)
Thank you! Keep up the great work!
Thanks for fixing the gravel.
thank you very much.
Super update, tracks looks brilliant. Thank you.
thansk for improoving this one mate!
The track itself is excellent, but the off-track surfaces need fixing - currently *all* off-track surfaces are just the same ice-like grass. The grass probably needs a small damping value, and the gravel traps definitely need to be their own surface with high damping value so they actually slow cars down.
The grass and gravel use the same values that Kunos use for the official tracks.
Lovely Graphical Update, Just a Quick Try on the Motorcycle Layout, the A.I. Finish before end of Race and sometimes warp and crash over the start Line?......hope it can be fixed, Thanks!
Thanks for bringing this track to AC, outstanding conversion. As a youngster I sat on the top area (hill) off the last turn, had an overseeing reach of the entire track from that perspective - great memories... If you are planning a revised update of any kind in the near future (not that it needs any), and are interested to include some further works done on the side, like additional replay cams, an epic-grass-colour skin (choice), and additional lighting to the remainder of the track - let me know.

Here's a YT video showcasing those additional features: https://youtu.be/yDu4K50COPQ
Amazing job. Big thank you for bringing this little gem of a track to AC.
I cannot thank you enough for porting this track. It's been years since I've wanted this fantastic rFactor track to be converted to AC, to the point where I thought I would do it myself. Opening up RD this Monday afternoon of Easter day to see this track released was such a fantastic surprise and it's one of those rare times where I'll consider donating. Highly appreciate your mod.
Thanks very much for such a kind review. Really happy you like this, and I hope you have a lot of fun playing it :)
Fantastic track.
Would just be really great to see some further improvement on trees texture.
Thank you for your work!!!
Thanks for the kind review :) The tree textures were kept from the original version because they're Australian Gum Trees, so are correct for the region. Unfortunately, there are very few Gum Tree textures available that I could change to.
Superb track excellent details well done. My Aussie v8's love it. Thank you.
Great version. I love Oran Park, one of the great circuits no longer around.
Amazing job, thank you very much!! Love it!!
Great work, but ai cars always pit after 3 laps
When the AI pit is nothing to do with the track, that is the car mod causing that. Nothing I can do about it.
just wow 10 stars