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Opel Kadett C GTE +S1 + S2"Yellow Psycho III" 0.96

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Remember its beta and have some bugs.
-no lods
-some holes
Pack of three cars:
1.stock kadett C gte
2.tunded kadett GTE S1
3.opel kadett c V8 "Yellow Psycho III"

log :

Opel Kadett GTE v0.9 18.09.2016
-fix roof
-fix materials
-add blur rims
-fix mirrors
-add some skins
-reduce geometry
-tyres V7
-fix final ratio and performance
-all textures dds
Opel Kadett GTE S1 v0.9 18.09.2016
-fix roof
-fix materials
-add blur rims
-fix mirrors
-add some skins
-reduce geometry
-tyres V7
-fix final ratio and performance
-all textures dds
kadett c gt/r S2 v0.6 21.08.2016
-add skins- 2014-2015 and 2016
-new bumper,mask clips
-new button box +wire
-new pedalbox + pedal fluid reservoir
-correct intakes for engine cooling
-improve the construction of the interior of the vehicle

kadett c gt/r S2 v0.6a 02.09.2016
-new calipers and disk-all wilwood
-fix driver animation
-fix driver shift
-fix driver seat
-fix steering wheel material
-add car shift animation
-add blur rim and blur tires and brakes
-add brake glow
-add lens cap wheels
kadett c gt/r S2 v0.7
-new rear wents
-fix widndows transparency
-fix some object transaprency
-add driver name

kadett c gt/r S2 v0.7a 18.09.2016
-fix front wheels
-fix final ratios
-fix previews
-all textures dds
Photos by K.A.R.R.
File size
164.9 MB
First release
Last update
4.84 star(s) 51 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. sound fix, suspension fix

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  2. Improve suspension

    Improving the suspension now has sufficient stiffness and configuration. Thank you all for your...
  3. multiplayer fix,blur fix,stock grip fix

    Please do a clean install. Update: -multiplayer fix(i think-use local server to test) -reducing...

Latest reviews

There's a problem with car doors on all 3 variants of Kadett. In some views the doors are missing, mostly viewed from a cockpit of another car. Also the car dissapears when moves further away, only driver is visible.
Man! What a BEAST!
Really nice work. But LOD´s need to fix! The car disappears a few meters in front of me. Thats a no-go. sorry...
Chevette de drift peannn
Thank you for this one it is beyond cool.
Love it.
Man - when I was a kid every third adult in Bavaria owned that car. At least it felt like it. I am so stoaked to have this model in my ACVR now. Thank you for that great work.
Good mod thank you
A video the S2
Realy brillant work, amazing beast car, savage!!!
Thanks a lot!
Need tyre v10! Can't wait for updates -- pls fix driver arm clipping through door (same for bmw)
Great car !

My two cents:

S0 & S1:

Hill Climb monster. But need some tweaks
just great work an the only good OPEL mods out there beside your other mods
So much fun to drive and the modelling is superb, many thanks.
thanks man :)
Really nice car. Keep on working :)
Vids from your car on NOS: https://youtu.be/cvXmgN6tyhw
Lovely work, very much enjoying it. The s1 in lime green around the nurburgring and a big smile on my face!

Much appreciated.
Great mod thank you.
I love the old cars
thanks! .-)
GTE S1 + monte carlo winter= too much fun
Was excellent before, continues to be excellent. My grandfather hat an Opel Kadett when i was still a child... well, it was the 50PS version, but close enough :D Thanks again!
AWESOME. Thanks for this! :D

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