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Opel Manta S1 1.0a

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Opel Manta v1.0
Model 3d,phys: eboo



Opel Manta v1.00 24.07.2017
-add v10 tyres
-improve body and some model errors
-new mapping + AO
-some new material
-new dirt and damage
-animated suspension

Bug list:
-no error
File size
73.7 MB
First release
Last update
4.65 star(s) 37 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Reuploaded file

    Opel Manta v1.00a 06.08.2017 -update materials: chrome, body,interior mats and windows ,rims +...
  2. day "0" update

    Opel Manta v1.00a 06.08.2017 -update materials: chrome, body,interior mats and windows ,rims +...

Latest reviews

Modeling is good.
Driving Physics is trash.
Way less grip on the rear axle than in real life. Throttle response is way to slow at higher rpms.
great job!!!
feels great
Love it Great
Boa alter Schwede der MUSS her !!!
Danke für die tolle Arbeit.
Later & Servus, Dein ART FLY
Classic car! Thx!!!
Now it is my favorite car! Thank you very much!
Great work ....Thanks
Thanks! Very good mod.
My mum use to have an opel manta berlinetta when i was kid. such a lovely car use to have little wipers on the headlights and it had black textured roof. forget what you call them roofs lol. i was so sad when she had to sell it.
Thanks a lot!
Great fun car to drive, nice model detail and really fun to shred on the drift track. (Even though I'm a horrible drifter)
  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 1.0a
Thank you! Great mod, much appreciated.
Well I can relate with this car haha Hi, my name is Mantas.

4 stars why ? You make beatiful and well put together, clean 3d models, but they usually lacks in other departments. I could forgive that it uses Escort sound (even though Manta doesn't seem to be difficult car to find samples for), but physics feels way too much like just slightly tweaked Escort physics, also it is faster than Escort, thats weird. It is using 70s tires straight from escort (and it is 80s Manta), and has lots of torque, was standard manta such a beast ? So four stars mainly for a bit disaponting physics, I'll give 5 if they will be improved, or if I'll be proven to be wrong.
Great Job. Very nice Car
i love this car so much! opel manta is the best car of the world! thx you so much for moddig, i have wait of this car all the time!
Thanks a lot
I love this Car!
Excellent Work!!!, Fun car to drive and good ai and graphic performance. Would be nice if someone do some racing style liveries. Thank s for sharing!!!!
Excellent : I like it.
Thanks to share
This is a wonderful mod! I gave it 5 stars as it looks solid but mostly as it feels and sounds just great!
I wish for a few small improvements here and there and will ask for them in the support thread but this is a very nice solid start!
Great Car feels really great. Could you made a Skin of the 24h of the Nordschleife ? :)
Fantastic car, and I can imagine a the FoxTail Manta livery should be made for it!
Fun little car lots of understeer. But rear wheel camber will not change when slider is moved .
fun to drive, great feedback and understeer
Great job!