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Opel Kadett C GTE +S1 + S2"Yellow Psycho III" 0.96

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Opel Kadett GTE v0.96 29.11.2016
-light fix
-suspension-dir animation
-sound fix
Opel Kadett GTE S1 v0.96 29.11.2016
-2 new skins from schUPpor
-light fix
-suspension-dir animation
-sound fix
kadett c gt/r S2 v0.96 29.11.2016
-fix holes
-add radiator on front
-sound fix
-transparency material fix
-fix skin
Improving the suspension now has sufficient stiffness and configuration. Thank you all for your opinion on the running of the car.
Dimensions rocker, bars are already close as possible to the real car.
Please do a clean install.
-multiplayer fix(i think-use local server to test)
-reducing the weight of the package
-blur fix on s1/s2
-on stock- grip and aero fix
-on s1- dust and scratch fix
-still no lods(on development)
-driver animation error