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Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i v1.0b

rover mini sport 500 1.3i

  1. eboo
    Continue project:

    Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i 0.3 Eboo/Zahspeed Update
    -Add details chassis
    -Add animated suspension-complex with axle shafts
    -Add new rim(model Dinca-texturing eboo) and new tire(model+tex eboo)
    -Add car wipers
    -Add towing hooks
    -Rebuild front bumper
    -Add car bulbs
    -Add halogen-fixing
    -Fix exhaust pipe
    -Add beta steering wheel
    -Fix some cam
    -Add doors animation
    -Add LSD to s1
    Not done:
    -driver animation
    -Physics and UI: CCX/eboo some fix
    -Modelling: Dinca Andrei/eboo
    -Sounds: KitrinosKat
    -project founder/betatester: Piotr Lewandowski
    20160815231228_1.jpg Screenshot_rover_mini_ks_vallelunga_15-8-116-23-15-2.jpg Screenshot_rover_mini_ks_vallelunga_15-8-116-23-15-26.jpg Screenshot_rover_mini_ks_vallelunga_15-8-116-23-16-1.jpg Screenshot_rover_mini_ks_vallelunga_15-8-116-23-16-54.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Clauz
    Version: v1.0b
    Outstanding mod!! Thanks!!!
  2. Tumultageddon
    Version: v1.0b
    Love this mod, it has very unique handling characteristics, so fun to chuck about on track. Tried it out at Brands Hatch Indy with a short review, take a look here :-


    Looks awesome, very detailed and easy on the eye.

    A worthy addition to any AC garage I think.
  3. applearmageddo0
    Version: v1.0b
    AMAZING LOVE IT. cant wait for mini miglia!! :)
  4. Jos Swarthoff
    Jos Swarthoff
    Version: v1.0b
    Doesnt seem to work online, can you fix? ty.
    1. eboo
      Author's Response
      Car works online, only del data folder from car folder- i dont delete data folder- maybe people edit and fix something
  5. Pulling3r
    Version: v1.0b
    Really fun little car. I feel the sound isn't a match to the real world car other than that keep up the good work.
  6. Jack.A.Lope
    Version: v1.0b
    Nice upgrade! No tail lights?
  7. Dreamliner
    Version: v1.0b
    Absolutely awesome to drive. Many thanks for your great mod.
  8. Mach77
    Version: v1.0b
    1. eboo
      Author's Response
      Wow pickup! Nice but i think next update of mini include migila race car
  9. DrLimerep
    Version: v1.0b
    Throwing this thing around Le Mans is way more fun than you'd think :)
  10. Instevs36
    Version: v1.0a
  11. Totor
    Version: v1.0a
    I had an Austin Mini with the 1.0 and the shortest speedshift of the road version (pont 3.65 :1) and on 12" wheels (full stock), it was an great car... !
    I have enjoy to find this mod, the (great) sound and the karting spirit of the Mini !
    Now, it would be perfect if you can proposed other versions of Mini :-D :-P (or just differents setup of pont ?)
    For example the same version of my Mini, it was very nervous (the 4th gear up to 150 kph at 6000 rpm:-D) and little more performing than this 1.3 on 13" :-P
    I like to find a fun car with poor performances in a game, it's difficult.. (i'd tried to work a Mini 1.0 45 bhp on GT Legends but the game didn't accept this low power ^^)
    I have make the Smart Roadster mod for GTR Evolution too.

    Great job and sorry if my english isn't perfect ^^
  12. 0321neo
    Version: v1.0a
    The last version I used was 0.3. My complaint with that version was how unstable the car was. I have a 1978 MINI with a 1098cc and 13 inch wheels, and it handles much better than the 0.3 models. I have to say, this 1.0A update is right on point! Excellent work!
  13. Propeller63
    Version: v1.0a
    Bodywork is ok but power is more than down for this nice car. Not acceptable. 10-20hp? I drove a MINI like this one and it goes much faster in reality.
    1. eboo
      Author's Response
      Power is close to real.thx for 2 star- this reminds me that begging is stupidity :)
  14. Omihalcon
    Version: v1.0a
    Look's very well but animation on hand wich change gear aren't ok. Sometimes hard rest on the level.
    And speed on 4th gear? 4L of petrol and full throttle on straight Dottinger (Nordschleife) the car slow down!!!
    Never saw a car downhill slower !!

    To improve the dashboard because it is not readable, you have to lower yourself to see the top of the instruments.
    1. eboo
      Author's Response
      Probably you never seen mini , its small and slow car with zero ergonomy
  15. Zombie Boy
    Zombie Boy
    Version: v1.0a
    Great mod, fun to handle and perfect to learn new tracks. The AI racers seem to have problems however - they drive forward a few meters and then stop dead! It'd be nice if this gets fixed in the next update as I'd love to have some races against other Minis!
  16. NulTweeZes
    Version: v1.0a
    Thanks a lot for this! You have captured the spirit of the classic Mini beautifuly. Good training tool, a real momentum car.

    Maybe a bit too much grip? At least if it is on period correct tyres. On modern sports tyres it is pobably good as is.
    Great job!
  17. lsd67
    Version: v1.0a
    grazie ;)
  18. CapitanulHaos
    Version: v1.0a
    Thanks, had fun on the narrow twisty road of lake louise, any plans for a beefed up version?
  19. briklebritt
    Version: v1.0a
    Wow, great mod! S1 version planned? Would be awesome.. ;-)
  20. smurth
    Version: v1.0a
    Better and better...
    Nice update ;)
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