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Nipoibashi 2017 feat. Otori Kohaku Supra MKIV Drift 2017-04-01


  1. Charles Amyouni

    Content Requirements:
    - Latest version of Assetto Corsa (PC/Steam)
    - Assetto Corsa Japanese Pack DLC

    - Copy the contents of the “Tuned Version” to your Assetto Corsa Main
    - (Optional) Copy the contents of the “Tuned Drift Version” to your
    Assetto Corsa Main Directory.

    - あたらしいバージョン「Assetto Corsa」(PC / Steam)
    - Assetto Corsa Japanese Pack DLC

    - 「Tuned Version」のファイルを「Assetto Corsa」の場所にコピーします。
    - 「Tuned Drift Version」のファイルを「Assetto Corsa」の場所にコピーします。<<オプション>>

    - DO NOT Install the “Tuned Drift Version” if you do not have the modified physics
    of the tuned version turned into the Drift version by HanneJ.
    - Please do not re-distribute into another file host without proper permission.
    - Please provide the link where the skin mod is originally hosted instead. Thank you!

    - HanneJが提供する物理ファイルを変更した場合のみ、「Tuned Drift Version」をインストール
    - 適切な許可なくファイルを再配布しないでください。 代わりに実際のリンクを提供してください。

    It is not required but if you can spare something it will help me a lot in return and more future projects such as this will be present.

    Showroom_ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_drift_tuned_31-2-2017-18-8-38.jpg Showroom_ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_drift_tuned_31-2-2017-18-9-34.jpg Showroom_ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_drift_tuned_31-2-2017-18-9-19.jpg Showroom_ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_drift_tuned_31-2-2017-18-7-30.jpg Showroom_ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_drift_tuned_31-2-2017-18-7-8.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. darkelf1
    Version: 2017-04-01
    Cute and neat
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