1. W

    M4A1 corvette C7R 1.0.0

  2. joshualee_78

    VRC Formula Alpha 2023 - IDOLM@STER Million Live! Shiraishi Tsumugi - R@cing M@ster 1

    Custom made Idolmaster themed skin made by me who have 0 PS skills and skinning experience. *R@cing M@ster is my fictional racing team. Hope you like this very low quality skin i made :laugh:
  3. Kutarinkushi

    Rikuhachima Aru Pagani Huayra BC 2023-09-14

    Skin for Rikuhachima Aru
  4. joshualee_78

    Porsche 919 Hybrids 2016 - THE IDOLM@STER Million Live! Shiraishi Tsumugi - R@cing M@ster 1

    Custom made Idolmaster themed skin made by me who have 0 PS skills and skinning experience. I made this skin for a monthly endurance event hosted by for my self because i'm getting bored using the 2 default skin. R@cing M@ster is my fictional racing team hope you like this very...
  5. Rapier22.CM

    [FICTIONAL] AC Darche 992 GT3 - Hirogaru Sky Precure Pack 1.0

    ON THIS EDITION OF ASSETTO CORSA ISEKAI : Coloring the Sky and saving people's lives, Hirogaru Sky Precure are here! They're a team full of enthusiastic people with their own charm coming to save Skyland and Earth from evil Undergu Empire! But in this what if they're also GT3 Itashas! Race them...
  6. W

    M16A1 corvette C6R 1.0.0

  7. GhostyWolfBoi

    Hakui Koyori Itasha | WDT Skyline R32 1.0

    A simple livery based on a Skyline appearing in one of Noriyaros' videos () (Note: Window decals have been removed due to errors)
  8. GhostyWolfBoi

    (Attempted) Counterpart to @HenkySA 's Shoukaku 911 RSR

    Based on @HenkySA 's IJN Shoukaku Itasha My first livery using something other than Paintshop. Still a bit of a WIP, things like banners, alignment of decals, etc are a little inaccurate. (Apologies for the low quality images, not sure what the right format/file size for RD is)
  9. Sp00kz

    Space Dandy Itasha S13 1.0

    How to install: Extract the zip file and copy/cut the content folder to your assetto corsa root folder. If you like my work consider following me on IG: Link for the car:
  10. Novateur

    [Honkai Star Rail] Kafka 488 GT3 1.0

    To celebrate getting Kafka after on pull 150 (hard pity), I decided to make a simple Kafka livery for ACC. _________________________________ Credits: - Skin: Henry 'Novateur' Woon - Kafka Art: KLynnSchior (Pixiv) Skin made entirely in Blender. Copyright to Hoyoverse
  11. W

    HK416 BMW M5 E34 1994 1.0.0

  12. iknihs

    Fictional Anime Skin [ACC] - Lycoris AMG GT3 Evo 1.0

    My 25th skin. Please let me know if you have any problems or opinions.
  13. Muhamad Yogi Prastyo

    Momoi & Midori Saiba Lancer Evo VI (The Max Attack) 1.0

    KUYASHII KUYASHII! and yes, this game is annoying if you make a small mistake and this game is a quest that should be completed. .Zip file pack includes: - Project file (.psd) - Skin (2048x2048) In-Game Skin Name: Rally Development Department Credits: - Made by: Yogi Prasetyo - Saiba...
  14. Kutarinkushi

    Sunaookami Shiroko Toyota GR Supra A90 RZ-R | No Hesi Tuned 1

    Sunaookami Shiroko skin for the Toyota GR Supra A90 RZ-R | No Hesi Tuned Get the car in : No Hesi Discord Server Art source 1: Yostar Art source 2:
  15. olenstr23

    2014 D1GP NAC ラブライブ! 86 with BRIDE FALKEN 1.0

    During 2014 Season of Japanese Racing, apart from fielding their Super GT Team (which uses a Porsche that were painted in a Love Live! livery as well), Pacific Racing decides to field an entry on the prestigious Japanese drifting competition D1GP. The car was driven by the legendary Ken...
  16. Novateur

    [Blue Archive] Garage 68 - Rikuhachima Aru (Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT3) 1.0

    I made another Blue Archive livery. This time, our adorkable boss Aru. Instead of managing Problem Solver 68, Sensei decided to seek sponsorship from Gehenna and started Garage 68 Racing Team instead. _________________________________ Credits: - Skin: Henry 'Novateur' Woon - Aru Art (Side)...
  17. W

    ump45 Opel clalibra DTM 1.0.0

  18. Novateur

    [Blue Archive] Misono Mika Livery - McLaren 720S GT3 1.0

    Greetings to my fellow Sensei's, I couldn't find a Mika livery for ACC anywhere, so I decided to learn Blender and made one myself. This skin was originally supposed to be a private skin, but eh, since Mika banner drops tomorrow (as of uploading this skin), I'll release this for everyone...
  19. Muhamad Yogi Prastyo

    Omagari Hare Blue Archive Itasha (BMW M4 GT3) 1.0

    I am making an Itasha for a Monster Energy Addict Hacker Girl from the Blue Archive. .Zip file pack includes: - project file (.psd) - Skin (Decals & Sponsors) In-Game Information: - Team Name: Veritas Racing Team - Car Number: #400 Credits: - Made by: Yogi Prasetyo - Omagari Hare Illustrator...
  20. spadeshiro

    Bombergirl Prune Itasha for Excite V2 Mazda RX-7 FC 1.0

    The second bombergirl itasha is here, featuring Prune. This one wasn't really meant as a serious one, hence the dumb bits on the hood. Required mod: - Excite V2 Installation: Extract to \assettocorsa\content\cars\excite_mazda_rx7_fc_v2\skins Preview: Once again big thanks to: - bombergirl...