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2005 TOYOTA SUPRA JZA80 GT500 1.5

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v1.5.1 (RC) - Patch Only
- Fuel Consumption Increased
- Tire Model 10 Reverted a bit, this time with slightly reduced grip compared to the 1st update


Upcoming major is coming so I'll leave the v1.5.1 Release Candidate Patch as external for now until the major update is available for download.

Chivas AutoArt & Shadow Works Presents - 2005 TOYOTA SUPRA JZA80 GT500

v1.5.1 RC Video Demo Run by Mitja Bonca

Teams Skin List available inside the content (Skin Maker)
1. 2005 ESSO Team LeMans No.6 (Chivas AutoArt)
2. 2005 ECLIPSE ADVAN No.25 (Chivas AutoArt)
3. 2005 KRAFT BANDAI SUPRA No.34 (Chivas AutoArt)
4. 2005 KRAFT YMS SUPRA No.35 (Chivas AutoArt)
5. 2005 OPEN INTERFACE TOM's No.37 (Chivas AutoArt)
6. 2005 DYNACITY TOM's No.37 (Chivas AutoArt)
7. 2005 ZENT CERUMO No.38 (Shadow Works)
8. 2005 DENSO SARD No.39 (Chivas AutoArt)
9. 2006 ECLIPSE ADVAN TSUCHIYA No.25 (Chivas AutoArt)
10. 2006 Triple a SARD No.66 (Shadow Works)

Based on the 3D Car Model by: Shadow Explorer
3D Model Porting: Chivas AutoArt
3D Tire Model: Mexes
Textures: Chivas AutoArt / Shadow Works
UVMappings: Shadow Works
Animation: Chivas AutoArt
Physics & Other Data Details: Chivas AutoArt / Vinay Mistry
Templates: Shadow Works
Livery Creation: Chivas AutoArt / Shadow Works

Tools Used:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
Autodesk 3DS Max 2018
Content Manager

- 4 Car Mods (All Supra GT500 2005 with 4 different rims each)
- 10 Official Livery Skins

Separate Contents:
- Necessary Templates
- Fantasy Skins based on real Supra Teams from JGTC

Extra Features:
- Animated Doors
- Animated Shifter
- Animated Bonnet and Trunk (Press Numpad0 at Showroom)
- R1 Supra (ESSO/BBS) has a Dynamic Map Generator on the middle of the steering Wheel
- R1 Supra (ESSO/BBS) has a unique Interior (Blue Mottled Steering Wheel and Silver head shifter)
- Working Pit Lights
- Working Flasher

Extract the "Content" Folder to your Assetto Corsa Directory.

File Information of the Main Mod:
- Archive Size is 299MB
- Extracted File Size Total - 1.5GB

Affiliates & Thanks to:
Shadow Works
Shadow Explorer
Vinay Mistry
Engine Sound provided by Kunos Simulazioni

DO NOT HOST on other websites without permission. Mod created by Chivas AutoArt.

Mod Development Started: January 27, 2018
Mod Development Completion: March 9, 2018
Mod Development Update: March 13, 2018

See my Road Map for 2018 on my Official Site:

You can help continue on bringing more Super GT cars into Assetto Corsa by donating. Thank you very much!

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Latest updates

  1. 3-13-2018 Update

    v1.5.1 (RC) - Patch Only - Fuel Consumption Increased - Tire Model 10 Reverted a bit, this time...

Latest reviews

Amazing addition to the game, thanks a lot for these iconic cars!
looks so nice congratulations :D
Excelent job mate
Is that a SUPRA!?
a joy
the best, very addictive
Gran trabajo,muchas gracias ¡¡¡¡¡
Thank you! Great job!
Very well done and beautiful in a way. The car handles exactly like I wanted it to. Is their anyway I can adjust anything in the file to keep the car from clipping so easily? The FFB is great it just feels aggressive out of the box. I'm new to all this so please don't take this out of context. This mod is stunning and they should pay this guy to put the car in the game and I mean that.
If you know if their is any file I can tinker with let me know. I'm afraid to mess the mod up. Thank you and you do great work.
Man, if you are in front of me, I wanna hug you !
Thanks for the amazing work on all of your Super GT cars !!!
great job :) big thanks
Happy new years, great job ! Many thanks . Sound, skins , grip … Top mod !!
goob job
Great work with good livery!
amazing mod ,thanks for the hard work
Charles Amyouni
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299.5 MB
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