Newbury 1.05

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thank you very much.
Fun little track -thanks!
Nice track in the basics, but the traffic barriers are set up in a really odd and confusing manner I haven't seen on any other track ever. It's hard to describe, but they delineate areas to be avoided AFTER you've already had to commit to a confusing or blind turn entry. Ruins an otherwise interesting track.

Newbury 1.05 show left and right spline fix, ai fix, pit lane fix (2002, 2006)
Considering this hasnt had any updates, this is a very well made track that doesnt look out of place with the Kunos ones even now.
very nice
One of the few addons which are up to quality
Track would be perfect if you got rid of the massive bump before Turn 2 (I think it is). Other than that it's fantastic, but please look at smoothing this bump, and possibly some others. :)
the grass looks great. Thanks!!
Great work!
great track, thanks
excellent !!!! full great remember race ,whit RaceDepartment here !!!
Great Tracks, race feel is nice. With the next update please fix the trees and add the track map. Thanks for sharing with us.
hey, what is wrong with trees? track maps is included.
Awesome track man! Looks great and drives great.
Looks very good!! Thanks.
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