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New asphalt, billboards, branding and foliage for Aviano

New asphalt, billboards, branding and foliage for Aviano v1.2 14.07.2020

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**Update** v1.2 14.07.2020 - new 16k terrain map included in a separate skin

Again, apologies for the quick update. Last one, I promise... :whistling:
Somebody asked me if anything could be done about the low-res mountains that form the main backdrop to this track. There was originally a 4k texture applied to the terrain but it covered such a large area that defenition wasn't good on the nearby mountains. I therefore created a new 16k terrain texture that sharpens things up a lot, but be warned - it's a 341MB dds. I've done back-to-back tests with the original texture and can't detect any performance differences, but YMMV of course. Anyway, it's in its own separate '16k Terrain' skin so is easy to select, test and decide which one you want to keep. Just make sure to only have one of the skins selected at any one time, and CM caches data so ticking/unticking skins a couple of times when swapping between them is always a good idea.

To install, just drop the unzipped 'skins' folder into the 'aviano_cirquit' track folder.

This download also contains my previous skin with the default terrain texture in case anyone is downloading it for the first time.

**Update** v1.1 13.07.2020 with proper high-resolution asphalt texture


New asphalt, billboards, branding and foliage for @patrikpat 's Aviano.
  • New weathered billboards all created specifically for this track
  • New darker/weathered asphalt texture
  • New Circuito Aviano track logo branding on gantries, pit wall and tyre walls
  • New tyre wall textures with Italian flag stripes
  • New grass textures and grass is now consistent across the whole environment
  • Darkened/higher-contrast tree textures
  • Includes replacement trees and GrassFX config by __EASY__
  • Other texture tweaks
To install, just drop the unzipped 'skins' folder into the 'aviano_cirquit' track folder.
Select 'Billboards, Asphalt & Foliage' skin.


Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-14-9-28.jpg Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-14-10-19.jpg Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-14-11-4.jpg Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-14-12-5.jpg Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-14-14-1.jpg Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-14-15-49.jpg Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-14-17-29.jpg Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-14-18-24.jpg Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-14-20-38.jpg Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-14-22-40.jpg Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-14-51-16.jpg Screenshot_rtm_arta_garaiya_gt500_aviano_cirquit_13-7-120-16-7-3.jpg

Latest updates

  1. New 16k terrain map included in a separate skin

    Again, apologies for the quick update. Last one, I promise... :whistling: Somebody asked me if...
  2. v1.1 13.07.2020

    Apologies for the rapid update, the wrong low-res asphalt texture was uploaded by mistake. It...

Latest reviews

Many thanks!
Great track. Great work!... Can you add light points for night driving?
Superb rework!
Many thanks Mascot
Great improvements, thank you very much ! ;-)
Sublime work mate.
I drive Aviano regulary GrC/5/4 because I like it but always found a kind of "no man's land" ambiance. Now it's more living, I'll drive it even more often.

Really nice textures, nice asphalt too, very good work overall. Thank you for this, much appreciated.
Perfect. NIce looking asphalt, great textures on the billboards. Now this track is worth keeping installed.
Pink ??? That guys needs to check his settings I guess...
pink road
Classy. Thanks.
Perfect as usual.
That's now a really pretty track Mascot. Good work. Thanks.
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