1. kevink63

    AI for Aviano Cirquit 2020-07-21

    Improved ai, pit, and side lines for patrikpat's version of Aviano. Cars won't run over first chicane as much to avoid destruction derby on lap 1. Track link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/aviano-cirquit-for-assetto-corsa-fix.19871/ Also get Mascot's visual upgrade package...
  2. Mascot

    New asphalt, billboards, branding and foliage for Aviano v1.2 14.07.2020

    * If you like any of my resources and feel like contributing, please make a small donation to Cancer Research or your local charity of choice. Thanks! * **Update** v1.2 14.07.2020 - new 16k terrain map included in a separate skin Again, apologies for the quick update. Last one, I promise...
  3. patrikpat

    Aviano Cirquit for Assetto Corsa FIX 1.0

    I apologize for my distraction. Here is the fix for Aviano 1.0 .. in the future I hope I can add other details to make this track still more immersive! patrikPAT
  4. patrikpat

    Aviano cirquit for Assetto Corsa 1.0

    Hello everyone. Who already has Assetto Corsa probably also knows nKpro, the other legendary simulator of the Kunos house. And if you played with nkPro, surely you know the Aviano route. Well, I managed to convert this track for Assetto Corsa, so we could have fun with even this iconic track...