Natural Mod PP Filter

Natural Mod PP Filter 21.1

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Driving focused filter. No chromatic aberration, lens flares or erratic autoexposure. Gains FPS vs the default filters.

New tonemapping (as shown in screenshots) only available with CSP 0.180p218/Pure 0.180 or above
If you like the filter, you can get email notifications of updates via Racedepartment's "watch" function.

Note that free version of CM doesn't install this properly via drag and drop.

Be sure to follow the Sol/Pure install guides, as sometimes there are important CSP settings such as "Use seasonal adjustments" which can drastically alter the look on some tracks.

Installation instructions are included in the readme file. Note that free version of CM doesn't install this properly via drag and drop.

Ensure that you have updated Sol/Pure
Track adjustments, Trees receving per-vertex shadows Enabled
Graphic adjustments: if having issues with sunrays, try adjusting Far plane under adaptive clip planes/clip planes in VR
I'm currently using Peter Boese AC Texture Color Corrections from Sol Discord server
If you like the filter, you can get email notifications of updates via Racedepartment's "watch" function.

Natural Mod + Pure:


Latest updates

  1. new tonemapping via pure 0.180 (requires CSP 0.180p218)

    v21 new tonemapping via pure 0.180/CSP 0.180p218 significantly but subtly changes the whole...
  2. new tonemapping via pure 0.180 - Requires CSP 0.180p218

    new tonemapping via pure 0.180 significantly but subtly changes the whole look. not tested...
  3. fine tuning and fix for slow exposure initialisation on pure 0.180

    Pure script: Lots of fine tuning Changed approach to setting gamma+filmic contrast thanks to...

Latest reviews

very nice job mate . 5 stars
Really nice Filter, thank you very much.

Can you please tell me something more about "Peter Boese AC Texture Color Corrections" and where I can find it?
Have you a link for Discord?

Many thanks in advance :-)
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
cheers. the texture corrections remove the yellow tint from the sun that is baked into some of the ks textures, which is not needed as the weather shines yellow light onto the texture anyway. other improvements too.

discord invite:
Should be default. Beautifully natural.
What a PP (laugh), well done!
WOW, now the filter is like amazing, one of the best filters out there. Im using this one and this new redux filter, awesome work, thank you.
Excellent PP filter. Thank you!
the best of all PP since the game was released
in vr is very good.

thank you for your great work.
Amazing look, great performance and gets better with every update, the best of the best. Thanks a lot for this amazing filter and keep or rockin! ;)
I have tried all the filters over the years...
This is now the most realistic looking PPfilter available (feb 2023).
On my set up at least. The colors look the most natural and there is no performance drop. I would give this more then 5 stars if i could!!!
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
cheers for the feedback!
awesome job mate, Thanks a lot!!
Gives 7fps more than Sol filter. Makes VR look very good.
Wow, I'm absolutely blown away.
From now on I only drive at sunset or at sunrise.
Thank you.
Das ist ein richtig fetter Filter mein Freund.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Haha cheers
Such a shame that the best looking filter also gives the most fps. Makes the decision so hard...

But honestly, this comes as close to real life as possible with pp filters. It also helps against the shimmering shadows in VR. It doesnt solve it, but compared to the hefty contrast pp filters, it minimizes the disturbance. Would maybe love a tad more reflection of wet road, but I'm still testing it out. Could also be due to the new weather controller. Using pure 154, 4090 and a Varjo Aero. This filter sucks me into the (game)experience like nothing else. Thank you Chris.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
great to hear it works nicely on the aero. reflections could be the controller, theres a new difficulty slider i think which might affect it, i haven't tried as my gpu can't keep up with rain. you could try adjust the reflections.level slider in pure config app
Now with new Pure 0.154 it is way better and the filter really shine! It is bright, no noticeable fluctuations except when clouds hide the sun, which is normal, but even then it is bright as it need to be, contrast are better than before and colors are very nice! I found it exceptionally good without automatic exposure on, that in 1 it gets insane bright. Excellent work!
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
cheers for the feedback!
Looks amazing, and most importantly, gave me an FPS boost of 60! I cranked up the graphics a bit once I had this bad boy enabled, and what a difference it is. MUST HAVE imo
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
cheers for the feedback!
Excellent mate!
I run AC Vanilla.. Works beautifully!
As for the FPS gain: 20FPS for me!
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
I rarely leave reviews but this mod deserves all the praise. In VR it's actually too good. I love it so much lol well done to you!
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
Cheers, pleased to hear!
I've tried a lot of post-precessing filters this year. But the only one that works well so far with my little MSI GTX 1060 3GB Gaming X is Natural Mod Filter 14, the only one that I will keep this winter after reinstalling my simrig.
The only PP-Filter to use in my case is Natural_Mod_Base. Color, light, contrast, saturation, brightness, everything is good in this filter!
First, congratulations, I couldn't find a filter in which the car is part of the environment, with fair brightness and subtle and pleasant sparkles, the phote pp filter is incredible, I even use it for running. My congratulations and thanks for your time. Just a query, in Pure config, I don't see the filter script, is that ok or did I miss something?
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy
thanks for the feedback! you should see "script loaded: natural_mod.lua or photomode in the PP tab of pure config. if not then this suggests the install has not worked. it would be good to discuss further in PM if so
Chris Kennedy
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