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  1. JavireTwo

    Photorealistic Filter Photorealistic Filter v5

    PHOTOREALISTIC FILTER This is a project I've been working on for some time now. It uses Sol and CSP to try to achieve realism in Assetto Corsa And if you're interested on donating. You don't have to, just share the filter and help other people. Let's try to make this place better for everyone...
  2. JavireTwo

    JT's PPFilter - Natural Filter AC 3.0

    This is my first ppfilter for assetto corsa. After a long time taking shots I tried to make them even more unique. So I'm here to share with you this new project. Hope you enjoy it! SCREENSHOTS
  3. General_Failure

    AMS Natural Light [Real Life Colors] 1.0 Final

    A7 Natural Light PP Filter (version v1.0 Final) AMS graphics engine is pretty old, but it's still capable to give some fight! I recomend to use this mod especially with vanilla tracks (they are more or less well balanced). Also I suggest to set the start time of the race to TRACK DEFAULT. MOD...