Deprecated. Natural Graphics Mod Oculus Rift Filter 1.1

Improves visuals and FPS

  1. Chris Kennedy
    Deprecated. It is included in the main mod:

    To be used in conjunction with:

    (Ignore the oculus filter in that download, it will be removed in next version, it makes sense to have oculus stuff separate to not spam monitor users and to save RD server space on uploading new versions of 4MB file with only a 1kb file changed)

    To install: Unzip Natural Graphics Mod zip and then this zip to the root of your AC install folder (overwrite if required), run JSGME and activate Natural Oculus Rift Filter, Natural Weather and optionally Ben Lee + WagnumPI Clouds, then select the default PP filter (default.ini is used regardless of what you set) and set saturation to 100% in graphics options.

    Gains approx 10fps on a grid of 12 cars vs default.

    The mod has to overwrite default.ini due to this bug:

    Suggest disabling Crepuscular Rays in the launcher in AC 1.7.5 due to this issue:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Slochy
    Version: 1.1
    Cheers for the update, mate!
  2. tetzip
    Version: 1.0a
    Thanks again for the AC 1..7.3 update. Optimum joy in the CV1 !
    Disabling the godrays is a must indeed.
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