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  1. VolcanoAC

    Top Japan PPF - Welcome To Realism 1.0

    This PP Filter Look Like A Japanese Theme I Mixed Color Gradings And Caboom This Born I Used NFS 2015 Base İn This PP-Filter
  2. Tominator21

    2REAL PP-Filter (for VR) + CSP Settings 1.0

    Feel free to take a look at my mods on Patreon :) 2REAL PP-Filter + CSP Settings (VR) This filter I made expecially for VR users but you can also use without VR. This will give you a very natural look, dark colors and shadows are brighter, aswell as ambient light. Also night lightning should...
  3. Fibo2006

    Realistic Graphics FBPP Savvas 4.1

    While making these settings i took a real photo of a car as a reference and then tweaked a few settings to make it look like the photo. In the future i want to improve with auto exposure because when inside of a car its 10x brighter for some reason. I only tried it with pure and dont have any...
  4. Amatertu

    AMA PP Filter 1.1.2

    Currently tested for Sol 2.2.7, CSP 0.1.80 preview 218 and Pure 0.180 DON'T install the filters through Content Manager Featuring the base AMA filter and it's color graded variants. Here's a very short description for all of them: AMA - the base PPF, suitable both for driving and taking...
  5. G

    TrueColors - PP Filter For Assetto Corsa (PURE AND SOL) 2.2

    TrueColors Introducing TrueColors, my meticulously crafted PP-Filter for the game Assetto Corsa. With a strong passion for perfection, I have dedicated countless hours to testing and fine-tuning every aspect, aiming to create the most immersive and visually striking pp-filter possible. I invite...
  6. T

    Pure Realism Mode 1.0

    This is only purescript setting and pureconfig file. Extract the extension folder in AC Root folder and than select pure ppfilter in CM. Only supported in pure 0.148 Make sure to adjust ppfilter saturation to 0.700 ppFilter adjustments If you like this content, please rate it or write a...
  7. Afresh

    Afresh Filter - [PURE] v1.5

    [free release] Filters for pure users only. (Tested several conditions and sought perfection) ■ Contrast - default ■ Color grading exposure value slightly increased ■ VIDEO,CSP - Added lower spec settings for smoother frame rates + Version 1.4 fixed the overly dark issue, but some of the...
  8. valex07

    Improved Lighting for PURE 8.12 Final

    Requirements AC Content Manager Custom Shaders Patch - tested on version 0.1.79-0.1.8 Pure - tested on 0.165. Only for Pure, does not work with Sol My CSP settings (basically they are all default) My Video settings Install: Drag and drop zip file onto Content Manager window, confirm install...
  9. bart99p

    DYST_retro PPF 1.5

    Retro PPF (post-processing filter) for Assetto Corsa. This filter aims to make your photos and replays from the game look old - chromatic abberation, vignette, sepia colors and blur. Not really useful for driving! Now there's also a version without vignette, lens distortion and chromatic...
  10. bart99p

    DYST_real PPF 1.3

    Realistic PPF (post-processing filter) for Assetto Corsa. This filter is quite bright, colors are a bit "washed" and the F aperture is very low so things in background are blurry. Quite hard on fps, can be used for photo mode, replays and driving. Version adjusted for pure...
  11. SLXCK

    SKY (PURE & SOL) 1.31

    PURE: SOL: *NOTE: S K Y no longer makes update for SOL. However you can still download S K Y for SOL by clicking here HOW TO INSTALL: Thanks SirSpats for making a tutorial! S K Y is made to fully utilize AC's graphical fidelity, mainly to provide realistic and experimental visuals with an...
  12. RayDavid

    Lights | Pure Filter v4

    Discontinued. Succeeded by NeuBland Already available!
  13. DMAN

    Really Real PPFILTER - RRD77 reshade 6.5

    Reshade and ppfilters transform POV realism and onboard cinematography. In an ongoing effort to balance light, reflections and contrast without major fps loss or complicated inputs to render, this update pushes everyframe of realism out of laptop graphics in different weather conditions...
  14. vccampo

    B3P - Assetto Corsa Filter (PP Filter) 1.0

    B3P Makes Colors Stick Out More For A Better Experience To Your Game. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CSP And Sol Highly Recommended.
  15. RayDavid

    DMA | Post Process Filter FINAL

  16. Electro3 Strike

    E3SP (PP Filter) 0.3

    E3SP brings out the potential of AC's Post Processing. It provides high quality colors, which gives a great experience. ==================================================== Note: This PP Filter is still WIP and is being improved overtime. CSP and Sol is highly recommended with this PP Filter...
  17. finnbot

    delete 2

  18. zr0w

    Exquisite - PP Filter 5.2

    https://discord.gg/haGUm9X4t4 I would really appreciate your reviews. If there's something wrong please write in the discord before leaving a negative review. MAKE SURE YOU RESET YOUR PURE AND SOL CONFIG BEFORE APPLYING THE SETTINGS RECOMMENDED: Remove the old ppfilters first. Go to...
  19. Amby

    PureLIFE PPFilter-Pack for PURE 3.6

    PureLIFE EVO GTS Filter Hey mates. This is my first PPFILTER-Pack and it's for Peter Boese's upcoming weather simulation Pure that will be released for free when it's done. If you want to get access to the Pure Development Preview (and you should), you can get it here on Patreon and support...
  20. hexagonal707

    Misc pureREALISM PP-Filter

    hexagonal707 submitted a new resource: pure REALISM - pureREALISM PP filter based on Peter Boese's pureSIMPLE Read more about this resource...