NASCAR Camping World Trucks 1.94

NASCAR Camping World Trucks

  1. Poopenshnapples

    2:52 - Camping World Trucks in video
    NASCAR Camping World Trucks!

    These Trucks I have made to race on the limits of their tires and handling properties.
    Engine heating/cooling, tire heating/cooling and AI speeds are all designed to make it possible to race as hard as the user possibly can!

    Oval configurations selectable via Showroom menu

    A lot of conversion was done by me to make these work in Automobilista

    I converted these to make them playable in AMS
    - Tires
    - Physics
    - AI talent
    - Engine
    - Setups
    - File directory(s)
    - Audio
    and more!

    All 3 in one download (v1.1) AMS - NASCAR Sprint - Xfinity - CampingWorld.7z?dl=0

    NEW Install:
    Unzip (7zip)
    - Merge 'Automobilista' folder with 'Automobilista' game folder.. and enjoy!!

    UPDATE Install:
    - It is best, but not mandatory, to delete all previous files and folders before installing.
    (DO NOT delete TMTires nor Secondary sound folders!! as this may delete other sounds that I have not included)

    Skin Templates:

    Dropbox: 2015 NASCAR Xfinity - Camping World - Sprint MOD TEMPLATES.7z?dl=0

    Optional AI Talent replacement files:
    - Novice: Original AI from v1.0-v1.8:

    - Amateur: Original AI from v1.91:

    - Semi-Pro: Higher AI Talent values:

    - Pro: Nearly Maxed AI Talent values:

    NOTE: JNS SuperSpeedway tracks (JNSTalladega and JNSDaytona) crash before a setup can be made

    *Essential Update/Version*
    - Missing file added
    - Cockpit/Eyepoint adjustment

    - SuperSpeedway Engine (450hp)
    - Error and conflict prevention
    - Many other minor changes

    - Oval configurations added (selectable in showroom)
    - Engine idle increased slightly
    - Removed "custom skins" vehicles

    - AI have no advantage or disadvantage towards the Player
    - Tire heat friction reduced
    - Radiator more effective at high speeds
    - AI setup tweaks
    - Some rules negated due to issues (still available in .srs)
    - Added CustomSeason .AOS file with instructions
    - And many more adjustments/tweaks!

    v1.9 Update:
    - Massive changes to the AI
    - Braking, cornering, speeds, collision rates...etc
    - Engine heat slightly increased
    - Tire skid/friction heat slightly increased
    - AI talent modified from v1.8
    - Left/Right tire changes
    - Fixed pit menu tire selection
    - Plus many more changes!

    V1.8 Update:
    - Engine heat reduced
    - Toyota reflection removed
    - Tires for AI at optimal 40psi
    - Tire grip values lowered slightly
    - Primer + Starter sound
    - Transmission sound
    - And more

    v1.7 Update:
    - Starter sounds
    - Heavily reduced opacity of base car .dds files (Glow/Shine)
    - Reduced tire grip slightly
    - Upshifting: Reduced cltuch and change time slightly

    v1.6 Update:
    - No low speed clipping (in my tests)
    - Ride height -2inch
    - Seperate Ford, Toyota and Chevy models
    - and more improvements
    Credit for skins and models goes to

    Playing Recomendations:
    =Competative with AI=
    Do not modify:
    -Grille Tape

    - The real NASCAR trucks do not have camber or toe adjustments for the rear tires/axles.
    - The Trucks have backfires!
    - AI do use reverse, poorly, but there is no adjustment for this
    - Trucks are a bit loud for some, but I love the sound!

    Tracks shown:
    Mosport - Canadian Tire Motorsport Park - CTMP

    Laguna Seca - Mazda Raceway


    1. Unt231231itled.jpg
    2. Untitled.jpg
    3. Untitled111111.jpg
    4. upload_2018-5-28_20-38-10.png
    5. GRAB_024.JPG
    6. GRAB_028.JPG
    7. GRAB_029.JPG
    8. GRAB_030.JPG
    9. GRAB_035.JPG
    10. GRAB_036.JPG
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Recent Reviews

  1. Lentoveloz
    Version: 1.94
    This mod was already very good and is even better with options of FFB, road and ovals (tested in Mosport Park and Fontana with improved cockpit eyepoint). If it were possible, six stars. Thank you very much.
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      You made me smile!
      Thank You Lentoveloz!
  2. steven holt
    steven holt
    Version: 1.932
    Bravo! Truly an important mod for the game. Along with CART Extreme it brings the game to another level. Especially the trucks
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Thank you Steven!
  3. Julius triumphans
    Julius triumphans
    Version: 1.932
    I can not keep up with too frequent updates. I will download at the time that has changed the numbers of the first decimal place.
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Modding is extremely complicated, detailed and time intensive.
      If the online works for people, these versions will absolutely be the last.
      The first decimal place will not be changed as these are the final, and very small modifications.

      As well, I have added download links via DropBox for the updated files only.
  4. Davide Venturelli
    Davide Venturelli
    Version: 1.93
    awesome! the way this trucks handles is mesmerizing, and the IA is not bad too!
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Thank you Davide!
  5. Durge Driven
    Durge Driven
    Version: 1.921
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      I will update tomorrow
      I have renamed all possible conflicting engine files
  6. Gevatter
    Version: 1.91
    The trucks are a lot of fun to drive, and the sound is great. They're tricky on corner exit, as I would expect them to be.

    Two things I noticed to maybe take into consideration: The engine stalls in neutral, even when it's warm after a few laps. The second thing are the shadows. Whenever you go through a shadow, the whole screen becomes darker, as if the shadow would not only affect the cockpit, but also the track ("world") itself.
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
      The engine issue is something that I love and hate.

      Easiest way to modify:
      In: CTS_Engine_RC.ini
      Modify: IdleRPMLogic=(1200, 1450)
      Modify 1200-1450 to a higher number
      At idle the engine can sustain itself.. but if you get off of the clutch it can add just enough resistance to cause the engine to stall.

      I kept this in because it makes boring moments a little more fun.
  7. checorivera
    Version: 1.91
    Muy buen mod, no le doy las 4 estrellas ya que no lo podemos correr online, marca error de HDV
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Do you have a firewall/anti-virus?
  8. Cameron Reedy
    Cameron Reedy
    Version: 1.91
    If you have ANY interest (and even if you have no interest) in NASCAR racing then as far as i know this is the only mod for ams that exists in this criteria, (please let me know if im wrong as id love more NASCAR racing mods for ams) and god, its a great mod.

    This mod provides incredibly close and intense racing. The physics are amazing, the cars look incredible inside and out. I have many many mods downloaded for ams and this is my most used mod, and I mainly race these on road circuits!

    Very very thankful that there is finally a NASCAR mod for ams, thank you very much, cannot fault this mod one bit. 10/10 A**
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response

      Thank You Cameron!!!
  9. meturi
    Version: 1.91
    well done, spend a lot of time on it!
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Thank You!
  10. Lentoveloz
    Version: 1.91
    I tested for six hours today and had fun. Very good at JNS Indianapolis, Kentuky, Pocono and Phoenix; also in 1965 Monza, Zandvoort and Silverstone; and in the current outer ring of Brasília and Buneos Aires No. 7. To my surprise, AI worked very badly at Watkins Glen and Road America. I use since v1.0. Thank you so much for all your effort. Great work on this conversion.
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Watkins and Road America?
      Very likely to be caused by Random events such as crash probability.
      I have done several races at both of these tracks with excellent results!

      Thank you for reviewing! :)
  11. Lorencini
    Version: 1.91
    I just like to thank you for all your effort. Your commitment to this mod made it fantastic. The mod is very lightweight, sounds are very good, handling is very nice, liveries are very good, the AI is on Reiza's level (I'm using your Pro talent files :-) )

    I know this cars are made for oval, but I'm having the best time with them in Interlagos, Jacarepagua 2005, Montreal, Spielberg.

    I'm following your updates since v1.0, and I can tell how much the mod improved.

    Keep up this good work, man! Cheers!
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Thank you!

      The default/AI setup is tailored for road.
      I only race road!
  12. Julius triumphans
    Julius triumphans
    Version: 1.8
    All of the texturing glowing had been corrected. I am satisfied.
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Not easy to do! but I found a way!

      Thank you, and I hope you like racing these things to their limits!
  13. Noonracer
    Version: 1.7
    Amazing work! Would You know where I can get the Canadian Tire Mosport Park? Thanks!
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Thank you!

      I'll PM you the track.. It is NeelJ's work and I don't know where I got it from.
  14. Durge Driven
    Durge Driven
    Version: 1.7
    Thanks great mod

    Just a heads up to anyone uses OVGME to package all content
    in Steam

    You will get a error when de-activating this mod for the first time, when try to activate again it won't install

    This can be caused by hidden thumbs or read-only files

    1. De-activate your Mod

    2. Go into STEAM\steamapps\common\Automobilista\Series and delete VHRCTS.tga that has been left behind

    3. Open your mod package Series\VHRCTS.tga Properties
    and un-tick "Read-Only" and Apply

    4. Activate mod

    all good
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      The .TGA file will no longer be 'read-only' in the next, and likely last update!

      Thank you for pointing this out
  15. Daza
    Version: 1.7
    While it is very good and I've just had a fun race with them I’m not sure the mod is worth the full five stars in it’s current state. But I do really admire your commitment to keep improving it and that’s certainly worth a five.
    Now the glowing car thing seems to be sorted, which was a deal breaker for me before, these will be getting some use now so can I ask if there a paint kit that goes with them?
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      "In its current state"
      What would you like to see changed?
  16. Julius triumphans
    Julius triumphans
    Version: 1.7
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Dang it!!!
      You are correct!
      Not nearly as bad as before, but I will change it!

      Thank you for pointing this out
  17. EduCalza
    Version: 1.7
    well done! every update is amazing...keep it up Poop!!
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :D
  18. Julius triumphans
    Julius triumphans
    Version: 1.6
    Although I am not familiar with this genre, it was becoming a pleasure MOD.
    However, why I reduced it is because it is texture processing like the image below. The course is Fontana.
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Fixed the 'glow' issue!!

      Hopefully you like it more now!
  19. elvis feet
    elvis feet
    Version: 1.6
    Pretty nice Poop. The only thing that would make me happier would be a positive up shift. The clutch slipping is not good.
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
      The reason it is not instantaneous is entirely for the AI's use of the clutch and their shifting technique(s)

      In v1.8:
      The values in VHRtruck.hdv:
      UpshiftDelay=0.015 //from 0.125
      UpshiftClutchTime=0.04 //from 0.225

      Modify these all you want!
  20. Dat-Mudkip
    Version: 1.51
    (Most) Kinks have been ironed out. Overall a lot of fun to drive these trucks, and it certainly fits my driving style better. My only complaint is that the AI seem a little awkward about the reverse gear, but the developer says he can't really fix that part. Otherwise, a great mod that is worth a try!
    1. Poopenshnapples
      Author's Response
      Thank you Dat-Mudkip!
      I cannot do anything about the AI reversing... If I could, I definitely would!

      Due to this game-AI bug I have had many good laughs!
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