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MultiLaps 1.1

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Really like the App, but there is one thing I really don't like which is a pity, because all the rest is perfect. When you put as reference best lap, the best selected is not the best valid lap (the one highlighted in green) but the best even if invalid, which is not very usefull. Can this be corrected or added as option?
Nice. thank you.
Very good job, but is possible to update with the time for each sector ? It could be more analytical
A "must have" for Assetto!
Top work!
Great APP!!...I had been looking an app like that for a long.
As a suggestion, would it be possible to mark the invalid laps? (offtracks, collisions...). After the training session would be interesting to check how consistent you are with only clean laps.
Precisely what I wanted. Thanks dev.
Very nice!!! Just what I was looking for!!
Really great app, It helps you to be more consistent
a must-have
Amazing! Very good and better than the perfroamnce delta for me.
Nice and simple
Really nice app that shows your time starting at lap1 already.
Suggestion: a tiny tiny horizontal bar beneath the app showing the delta more visually than ciffers :)
Very good mod. Your work is outstanding. Keep it up. Question: would it be possible to make an app that measures the time spent in pit lane and or the pit stop itself, like in F1 or GT races? This would be a lovely app for online racing competitions.
This is the only delta app, that show the correct delta time in the first lap on nord. Highly customisable!
Superb! Finally an app which gives delta from the first lap and remembers pb. I'm using this only to give best time and delta on current lap, excellent that it's so flexible.
AC needs more of this, the main miss still the live race ranking, I dont wanna wait the finish line to realise how much gap or position my opponents are...
great work
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