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MultiLaps 1.1

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  • Added indication about the amount of lap done since the last pit stop
  • Reset the performance meter after the first corner when exiting the pit lane
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Workaround for the Nürburgring Touristenfahrten, thanks to PanaRace970
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  • Hotfix for AC 1.3 (64bits)
  • Added best lap locking feature (the best lap will be kept even if you do a faster lap)
  • Support for the multi-configurations tracks in AC 1.1.X (Vallelunga and the Nürb)
  • Support for A -> B tracks
Known issue
The performance meter will not work on the Nürburgring Nordschleife Tourist until Kunos releases a patch that gives the correct position of the car.
- Added a new performance delta algorithm for the current lap
- Added the option to remember the best lap across sessions and game restarts
- Added the option to log the lap times in a text file (in MultiLaps_session folder)
- Added top 25%, top 50% and top 75% lap times average references
- Added opacity and border settings
- Bug correction for update time conversion
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