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MSTuner 0.91

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MSTuner 0.91 (beta) | by: ajanhallinta

This is an beta release of MSTuner. There are some bugs and unexpected things can happen. See Known issues for more.

MSTuner is comprehensive car tuner modification for My Summer Car. MSTuner was made for bimonthly hold modding contest on My Summer Car Discord channel.

It allows you to modify each cars Engine, Drivetrain and Axles values while in-game, load custom textures and models from file invidual for each car part, set them color, transform and visibility, enable / disable colliders, modify PlayMaker components values, send PlayMaker events or disable them and swap wheels between vehicles etc. You can also set couple of NPC cars to be driveable.

You can save modified settings to .txt file and load them from there. The folder is located at MyDocuments/MySummerCar/Mods/MSTuner. MSTuner also makes DefaultSettings -folder for saving cars default values when starting game.

Before using MSTuner please note, that there is high risk to corrupt your save / game files, so take backups and use only with savefiles you don't matter to losing them.


How to install:
1) Load MSC Mod Loader and install it with instructions provided.
2) Copy MSTuner.dll to MyDocuments/MySummerCar/Mods -folder.

MSTuner is activated whenever game is paused. To load custom textures and models, put your .png and .obj files to MyDocuments/MySummerCar/Mods -folder.

Known issues:

- Save quitting to main menu disables MSTuner. Restart MSC to fix it.
- Resetting car settings don't reset any loaded custom models or textures. You need to restart the game.

Thanks for helping and betatesting:
epsypolym & MicrowaveOven
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Latest updates

  1. Quickfix

    0.91 quickfix - Copied NPC cars can be set to driveable too. - Added shortcut for spawning...
  2. Various bug fixes, improvements on usability and couple new feature

    0.91 - Fixed various bugs in saving / loading mechaniques. Saving and loading custom meshes and...
  3. Quickfix

    0.9 quickfix - Added Brake Axis to Driveable NPC Cars.

Latest reviews

great tool but i got this mostly to drive npc cars and the fittan and bus don even show up im not sure if this feature was removed but please add it back in
this mod worked a time but now it dosent :( when the game loaded then then it says that i trows errors. But u need to do there an new update i hope that im not the only one that has this issue

Sorry for my bad english im german and yes its not so good
This doesn't want to teleport ai cars to me for some reason, and for some reason, I can't make them traceable! Somebody help me!!!

Sorry about my english, I'm Hungarian :)
100% Working in latest version of the game
in the description it says that you can make NPC vehicles mobile that doesnt works for me
and i cant downgrade msc
update ur mod dood, it doesnt work with the latest version of MSC Loader, pls fix
Do a update, u cant do anything with AI cars like bus or green idiot.
this mod can't find cars
how to Spawn and Drive the AI Cars?
this mod is great but when i try to lower the satsuma it would bounce back to the normal height, does anyone know to fix
update pls
I thought the fittan was on this. plus i can't even drive any of the NPC cars
you need to update MStuner so you can change the scale of the UI/GUI
how do i get it on
Update blyad! I need to get back to my perfect tuning please! Otherwise, it was great mod!
loved the mod but it needs a update so know I am going to wat
Update. update.
This doesnt work. just a waste of space.

U - P - D - A - T - E .
i wanted to give this a try but sadly its out of date and just keeps throwing errors. plz update
MSC loader just says it throw too many errors.Please UPDATE...
I know this is a great mod but it is currently broken! MSC loader just says it threw too many errors. Please update
it was working before but now it doesn't work the mod loader unplugs it for some reason and i can't do anything with it
Why doesn't it work?
At my game it's working. Fine! AWD 1.5 power i love this thing.
Was Working. Right Now, I am Constantly Reinstalling the mod and restarting msc but it isnt working.

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