1. FrancisG

    FG Gauges Pack 1.0

    These are some 3D models, textures and parameters of two types of gauges I created from scratch for a personal project. Included is a : -Wideband (Digital with LEDs). Uses boost as Input source -Boost Pressure (Analog, White with Amber backlight). Uses boost as Input source -Oil Pressure...
  2. M

    3D model LODs

    Hello all! I have some Assetto Corsa cars that do not have LODs so they really cut down my fps count in the starts compared to the Kunos cars, since I don't have 3DSmax or any other 3d development software, I am stuck, is there anyone who could help me? Thanks, Marci
  3. BIKER7202

    MotoGP Bike Models For Photoshop 1.0

    Note: Not a mod it's just to assist making mods All the MotoGP bike models for Photoshop: GP16 GP17 GP18 GP18 Lorenzo GSX-RR M1 M1 Rossi M1 Syahrin RC16 RCV213V I'll upload the rest of the pictures onto the support thread
  4. asis

    How to remove the audience from tracks ?

    Helo. I want to remove all models of people, flags and banners from the track. Can possible to do this ??? Thx :)
  5. ajanhallinta

    MSTuner 0.91

    MSTuner 0.91 (beta) | by: ajanhallinta This is an beta release of MSTuner. There are some bugs and unexpected things can happen. See Known issues for more. MSTuner is comprehensive car tuner modification for My Summer Car. MSTuner was made for bimonthly hold modding contest on My Summer Car...