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  1. pro10wiktorr

    New yellow car music CD 2021-04-26

    New yellow car music cd
  2. E

    100% Stock Save Game Last

    This save game contains Satsuma and Hayosiko at home; Satsuma is with engine with all parts purchase on Fleetari and rally suspension; 100% stock and regulated. 50.000mk. Enjoy this!
  3. K

    My Summer Car Build 172 Music final version

    Max Cancer - Ievangabber (Build 172 music)
  4. mrjuuna12345

    Satsuma with all tuning parts 2021-02-27

    here is Full builded satsuma with all tuning parts.
  5. elari222

    My summer car (FULL STOCK) v0.1

    (FULL STOCK) 50 000 mk Van and gifu key unlocked
  6. TheguywhoentereddoorB2

    My savegame. Experimental build

    Satsuma thats busted and gearbox damaged.
  7. hzsozso

    HONDA NSR50 1.4.1

    HONDA NSR50 [Replace] v1.1 ============================================================ file name:g_nsr50_v1.1.zip release date:2021/02/19 author:gosuke URL:http://arikai.com/ email:odokawa@gmail.com ============================================================ This mod replace JonnezES to...
  8. hzsozso

    Plugins delete please

    hzsozso submitted a new resource: HONDA NSR50 - This mod replace JonnezES to HONDA NSR50. Read more about this resource...
  9. C

    EasyMobilePhone 1.7

    Version 1.7 A simple mobile phone is in hand or in the car. You can find the manual of this mobile phone near the home phone and operate it in detail in the Mod setting of this Mod ----------------------------------------------------- Pay attention: The detailed operation of changing mobile...
  10. B

    msc save game gt fully tuned inf money with turbo and ecu ready v1.0

    Green satsuma gt rally ready fully tuned with all keys vehicles and A LOAD of money! works best with donnerplays donnertech turbo and ecu mod but if you dont have it, it still works perfectly fine. all parts owned if you need any that are not in garage they will be at fleetaris suski story done...
  11. ViralMedia

    [ SAVE GAME ] Tuned Half GT/Rally Satsuma + 13 Different Mods Works With Newest Versions.

    [ Save Game ] Half Rally & GT Satsuma + 13 Mods + 500 000 Marks Hello all gamers, today i uploaded this cool save game, because why not to share this with other people, of course read this save game rules and requirements, because it may not work perfectly then, this save game is based on mods...
  12. MadPav

    Актуальный Русификатор текстур My Summer Car / Russian texture pack 1.11

    Русское описание: Это обновленный текстур-пак от Roman266, были исправлены все текстуры из обновлений, упрощена установка и требование к системе. Работа без MODLoader'а! Присутствует выбор двух версий; Полный перевод Только текстуры для дополнения русификатора текста, без порчи атмосферы...
  13. W

    A Games Tuned Save Game 1.0

    Thank you for downloading the A Games Tuned Save Game! Check Out The A Games Discord: https://discord.gg/YjYPvKt Check Out My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAvSDaIYFSmy0M_BnbcZQmQ This Save Game Includes: - Suitcase owned (Must find on the map, hint: it should be at it's...
  14. JereAnnala

    KOFF Terrace shade for Pub 1.0

    Matching texture to my latest textures: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/siwa-vanha-kippari-pub-shop-texture.37555/ Installation: -Open Unity Assets Explorer -Press "Open assets-file", Choose Shaderassets3.assets -Find " shaderassets3/terrace_shade.tex -Right click, and choose "Extract...
  15. MiikaHyttinen

    Clean My Summer Car save | Ready Satsuma, nothing else has been done, 3000 money 1

    -----------------------------------------------Information----------------------------------------------- Satsuma ready and starts ✔ inspected ✔ 3000 Money -----------------------------------------------Screen Shots----------------------------------------------...
  16. Ax 577

    Fixed Bolts ...

    If you have problem with previous savegame try this
  17. Ax 577

    Tuned Satsuma ...

    Tuned Satsuma A lot of money Keys to the,hayoskio,ruscko,gifu A lot of food and beer Wristwatch Satsuma engine is 100% wear its like new
  18. E


    Satsuma 100% Stock with Inspection Played without Cheats or Mods All Versions Supported How to Install: -Open Run.exe -Write Appdata and search -Open Folder LocalLow/Amistech/MySummerCar -Paste files from zip Enjoy Game :))
  19. Legend Evans

    I need help with the ecu display page in My Summer Car

    I install everything but the display isn't displaying the panel like this but instead it display the white number and the needle but the panel ist showing up instead it's a black background