gear ratios

  1. microdino racing

    Gear ratio 1st gear not working ?

    Hi, i'm trying to adapt the original gearbox from a Trabant 601 to the game. But the first and the second gear seems to be the same? I'm a bit confused... Here the gear ratios: (1.) 4,08 (12,48) (2.) 2,32 (19,44) (3.) 1,52 (25,38) (4.) 1,10 (29,32) (Final) 3,95 (19,75) Is there a limitation...
  2. ajanhallinta

    MSTuner 0.91

    MSTuner 0.91 (beta) | by: ajanhallinta This is an beta release of MSTuner. There are some bugs and unexpected things can happen. See Known issues for more. MSTuner is comprehensive car tuner modification for My Summer Car. MSTuner was made for bimonthly hold modding contest on My Summer Car...
  3. Ho3n3r

    Formula 1 in 2013 (and maybe earlier) - Fixed 7th Gear Ratio

    I know this seems like a random post, but me and my friend are having a discussion about past F1 seasons. For some reason, I seem to remember them talking about the 7th gear ration being fixed for the season - before the current system with 1 more gear and fixed gear ratios on every gear for the...