MSC Red Rally Wheel 2017-07-27

This is Satsuma's Red Rally Wheel

  1. Omar Mahin
    This is my first mod ever.It might not be good.If you have any ides plz suggest me so that I can make a good mod.

    To download this mod, you need to have unity assets explorer which can be downloaded here:

    Than you have to replace the files of shareassests3 in unity assets explorer to the files that you download.

    Hope you enjoy:)

Recent Reviews

  1. Aidan McDonald
    Aidan McDonald
    Version: 2017-07-27
    This is pretty good for a first mod. I do have a few suggestions.

    1. Add a picture of the wheel in game so that people know what they are downloading

    2. Try to get rid of the white in between the letters on "Satsuma"

    Other than that, good job!
    1. Omar Mahin
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much
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