1. baallzebub

    tier 2 painted tire and wheel 1.0

    this mod change texture of blank default tire to branded one of IRL and fictional racing event also texture of the wheel that match 10 original team color extract "cars" folder to grid autosport directory folder credits to: UDegani Shino tenshi // Philip Heck always backup first
  2. N

    Struggling to find and decide on a wireless GT style wheel for SC2

    Hi Folks, Originally I had planned to get a Simucube 2 Pro with an Ascher Racing F28 wheel. I've recently decided that since I'm starting out with only one wheel it makes more sense to go with something versatile like GT style (D shape) wheel. I also plan to use VR a lot, so I won't care if...
  3. M

    Do Silent Wheels exist? Loud Fan noise / T300RS, TS-PC, Fanatec...

    Hi, for the last many years i have been using Thrustmaster T300RS wheel and i was mostly satisfied with it but one of the problems i have with it is that it can be annoyingly loud when the fans kick in when the wheel thinks its getting hotter. I can even hear it when wearing headset. And because...
  4. T

    Sell NL/BE/DE Fanatec clubsport wheelbase v2.5 + formula v2 (with fanatec magnetic shifters)

    Fanatec clubsport wheelbase Fanatec v2 wheel, used with gloves, very good condition, with fanatec magnetic shifters upgrade + fanatec button set. Everything is still within Fanatec warranty period, and with original Fanatec package boxes. SOLD
  5. S

    Sell Ascher Racing F28-SC

    Hello, i'm selling my Ascher Racing F28-SC: Pictures Reason: Bought F64-USB Used for about a 1 year Condition: All works fine, some sights of wear on alcantra grips. Used only with gloves, but still; Minor scratches from bolts behind quick release. Both flaws can be seen in pictures above...
  6. baallzebub

    tier 1 painted tire and wheel 1.0

    this mod change texture of blank default tire to branded one of IRL and fictional racing event also texture of the wheel that match 10 original team color extract "cars" folder to grid autosport directory folder credits to: UDegani Shino tenshi // Philip Heck always backup first
  7. Havner

    Hardware Steering Lock (SimHub plugin) 0.2

    Simple SimHub plugin for setting wheel rotation based on ACC car ACC doesn't have a soft lock option. This plugin allows to use hard lock option with 1:1 steering ratio. The same way Content Manager does that. Currently it works for: MMOs all SimuCUBEs (1, 2S, 2P, 2U) Thrustmasters (300, 500...
  8. H

    Sell Precision Sim Engineering LM-Pro Wheel

    Hi All, For sale is my Precision Sim Engineering LM-Pro wheel. Wheel is in fantastic condition as can be seen from the images attached. I purchased this wheel from Simon Povey, not long ago, but finding myself constantly drawn back to my SRB GT3 Wheel. It will also come with the carbon fibre...
  9. N

    Upgrade advice needed

    Good afternoon everyone, hope you're all enjoying the holiday season. I'm looking for advice with regards to upgrading my sim racing gear. This lock down here in the UK has given me chance to get back in to sim racing after a 5 year break and to be fair I was never that good at it haha! I...
  10. Ejdv

    Calibrated in degrees for steering wheel (G27) All Cars GT3 & GT4 - A.C.C. 1.1

    * Calibrated with "lock" in degrees of turn with (G27) / Steering wheel GT3 and GT4 (AC Competizione). - These grades may work on other steering wheel models (I don't know because I only have the G27). Give it a try and if you did well on any other model, please comment here to help other...
  11. Peter Stevenson

    Sell Fanatec PS4/PC Rim Similar to P1

    Item: Fanatec CSL Elite Rim Condition: Excellent Price: €130 €120 + Shipping Location: Ireland Selling the stock rim that comes with the CSL Elite. I upgraded to the formula V2 and it just hasn't seen any use since then. It's only seen a couple of weeks use. In excellent condition overall...
  12. T

    Wanted Cube Controls Wheel

    Looking for a Cube Controls formula wheel (wired). I am in US. Let me know what you have :) Thanks.
  13. kieranhendy

    Wanted Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer

    Looking for a Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel and base. If you have pedals for it then I might be interested in those too. I'm hoping to stay under or around £500 plus cost of pedals but still let me know even if your wanting for than that for them as I might be able to squeeze extra.
  14. E69_Kyle

    SimHub overlay Wheel+Pedals+FFB Meter iracing style 2020-06-28

    iracing Wheel-Pedals & FFB meter dash To install it, just drop it in the SimHub install folder. This SimHub overlay was design to rF2 because we don't have a way to see the input and/or FFB level ingame If other sims provide the needed information, can also be used with them The whell...
  15. I

    Sell Buchfink Q1R Wheel Quick Detach, 50mm & 70mm adapters

    SOLD Q1R wheel quick detach and wheel side adapters. $300 for everything plus shipping or prices each below (not including shipping.) Qty. 1 - Q1R Quick Detach ($75) Qty. 2 - 50mm adapter ($65 each) Qty. 3 - 70m adapter ($65 each)
  16. D

    Keybind Thrustmaster T300rs buttons?

    Hey everyone, For some reason I'm not able to keybind any of the secondary controls (look left/right/back, etc) to the buttons on my wheel. Am I missing something here?? -Michael
  17. anthony32904

    F1 2015 F1 2015 wheel set up not working??

    hey guys I wanted to ask something I just got F1 2015 recently. and well my wheel feels weird im used to other codemaster games but it feels off and when I try to break nothing happens but if I let go of the gas it breaks to 100% I think. or use the clutch pedal my wheel is a logitech g920 if...
  18. M

    Katana Steering Wheel v1.0

    This mod is an ancient japanese sword styled (Katana) steering wheel. It was modelled after the real life counterpart. It features a variety of Tsuba's (katana's handle) colors as well as the photoshop preset with all of the layers, so that you can customise the color or patterns on your own...
  19. KarneUSZ

    Fixing Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel

    Hey! Some time ago i bought a Mad Catz wheel. It was really cheap, but not without a reason, cause it was broken. More specificly , it was a gear failure. Someone just treated it with a little to much force. :P The gear looks like this: Yea i know its a little bit dirty and dusty, but it was...
  20. M

    Wheel Upgrade for a desk driver (?)

    Hi everyone, currently I am using a nearly 10 year old Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 along with Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals with load cell brake. The wheel still works flawless and in general I like it. However, I find the FFB of the Porsche wheel could be a bit stronger and I think it feels a bit...