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MotoGP Track Importeur - Offline Version 1.1

mod to enable all tracks from VRTG in Ride2

  1. ReZ
    This mod should allow you to drive all MotoGP tracks from VR46 The Game and MotoGP15 in Ride2.

    that would be :
    - the 22 MotoGP Tracks from VRTG + Indianapolis from MotoGP 2015
    - Misano Kartodromo in 3 variations.
    - Misano Flattrack and the MotorRanch

    Extra Stuff I added to improve the game a bit:

    - new type of visor for all race-helmets (multicolour-mirrored)
    - new exhausts for KTM Duke 2017
    - new exhaust for Husqvarna Vitpilen + Vitpilen Aero in shop
    - new exhausts for Ducati 916 in shop
    - new carbon exhaust for Ducati 748 and Bimota SB8K
    - new exhaust for Honda CBR 2017 in shop
    - Supermotos have backfire effect on downshifts
    - removed the Milestone Intro Video
    - cockpitview for splitscreen mode
    - added Helicopter-Camera to select in replays
    - better payout in championship races
    - reworked some championships for
    Supersports/SBK/Supermoto/Classic SBK
    - new bikes for some AI riders
    - new bikes for some Teammates
    - changed physic-tick rate from 120hz to 180hz
    - changed visual model of top suspension
    - compatible with textures from TL1000 Mod
    - fixed a lot of bugs that developers left in the game since release
    (check the update section for more info)

    How to install :
    - backup your original game files
    - extract the files "gfxgem.mix", "gfxpak2.mix", "data.mix" and "mixfiles.lst" into your Ride2 folder.
    - copy the *.mix files from your VRTG track folder into your Ride2 track folder.
    or use symlinks to save disc space
    - ingame you will find a trackgroup containing all the MotoGP tracks and another new trackgroup for Misanino Kart Circuit

    - for extra quality on the Suzuki TL1000 use Mixfile Remixer and unpack gfxpak.mix and replace "GFX_GAUGE_017_545\GFX_GAUGE_017_54501.DDS"
    with the file provide in the zip.
    or download Suzki TL1000 GaugesFix and use the dds.file from that mod if you like mph more than kmh.
    - repack gfxpak.mix

    not working online - but you can add the RallyCross mods and the Rally Tracks Importeur from now on.
    (but use gfxgem.mix and mixfiles.lst that comes with MotoGP Track Import)

    Thanks to guillerc_12 for making this nice installation guide video :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Ricky_xd_z7
    Version: 1.1
    i don't know why, but it crashes every time i start a race (i have followed the video tutorial)
  2. PiAnt
    Version: 1.1
    Wow just awesome! Cheers!
  3. mytie
    Version: 1.1
    Thank you so much! Is there a way to get unpacked files for data.mix!? I would love to use all the extra tracks but I also need the infinite gold/token mod and the physics mod! Thank you in advance
  4. Jeffv
    Version: 1.1
    Cool! Thank you!
  5. nabila
    Version: 1.1
    awesome, i have put all motoGP17 tracks, except catalunya from VR46 it works very well.
    I'm trying to add rain with all the GP tracks.
  6. Kampalaigner
    Version: 1.1
    Suberb mod, exactly what I always wished for the game. Please don't skip this top mod guys and gals, maximise your Ride 2 experience :)
  7. Ned0716377
    Version: 1.1
    Hey howd u edit the champion ship track. Cuz i dont like it. Anf i want to edit it.
  8. ScopeNemron
    Version: 1.1
    crash all time , cant play
  9. Muditha
    Version: 1.1
    Bro I need more Tracks for RIDE 2 [TT, SebastienLOEB RALLY EVO Trscks Pls Upload
  10. Serious Seb
    Serious Seb
    Version: 1.1
    Many thanks for this work ... should be perfect to have tracks from SBK games (Portimao, Kyalami, ..) but probably too old and not compatible with nes Milestone games...
  11. Aced79
    Version: 1.1
    Great mod, only a problem, the game crash loading the first race of the classic superbike championship. Can you fix it? Thanks for you work!!!new life for ride 2...
    1. ReZ
      Author's Response
      does not crash in my game - the first race there should be Valencia. Can you check timetrial or quickrace on this track pls ?
  12. darkelf1
    Version: 1.1
  13. darkelf1
    Version: 1.0
  14. girlracerTracey
    Version: 0.93
    Just brilliant. I am loving Indianapolis not to mention all the other add-on tracks for RIDE 2 in this brilliant mod! Combined with your preferred physics mod this game is totally transformed! Rez for president! ;)
  15. Wil46
    Version: 0.9
    Very good mod , thx !!!
  16. X3D
    Version: 0.8
    Thanks, much appreciated.
  17. Herrduka
    Version: 0.8
    This is what some people, like me, want: new and more realistic championship, including motogp tracks, better reward, and replace some orrible exhaust systems (cbr 2017)......i hope you continue with your appreciating job on this fantastic ride 2.
    Thank you ReZ
  18. SuperMurloc97
    Version: 0.47.1
    me explota el juego al 8% de cargar la pantalla :(((((( ya llevo como 8 crashes
    1. ReZ
      Author's Response
      using english and the support thread would be a good idea
  19. Valerio981
    Version: 0.47.1
    my game crashes when i'm on the track loading screen,what can i do?
  20. guillerc_12
    Version: 0.47.1
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