Tarmac Rally Importeur 1.1

use Tarmac Tracks from SLRevo in Ride 2 and play them online.

  1. ReZ
    Hi :)

    This mod will not attract many people, but if you happen to own Seb Loeb Rally Evo, you can now race a nice selection of tracks in Ride 2 ;)

    Note : You will need the Loeb Rally game or at least the mixfiles for the tracks.

    Tracks to enjoy :
    - Alsace Rally Stage 1 - 4 forward and reverse variants
    - Sanremo Rally Stage 1 - 4 forward and reverse variants
    - MonteCarlo Rally Stage 1 - 4 forward and reverse variants
    - Pikes Peak Complete Stage

    How to install :
    - backup your gfxgem.mix and mixfiles.lst (optional)
    - extract the contents of the rar-file into your Ride2 game folder.
    - now take the following files from the Loeb-rally tracks folder and copy them into your Ride2 tracks folder --- Alsace.mix, Sanremo.mix, Montecarlo.mix, PikesPeack.mix (yes they actually wrote it like this)
    - if you did everything correct, you should find all the stages in "American Highway Route66" TrackGroup on the last position of the tracklist.

    Important note : always use the newest version of gfxgem.mix I provide, this will be a seperate download from now on, so i don't have to update all mods if I change or add something new to online mods.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Alex Marlboro
    Alex Marlboro
    Version: 1.1
  2. Swanseaboy01
    Version: 1.1
    I couldn't believe my eyes when I got this mod up and running, I tried out the Pikes Peak track and it was just awesome. No FPS drops or noticeable negative sideeffects. Fantastic.
  3. nabila
    Version: 1.1
    very good.
    need improvements bud very good work
  4. Flavio93Zena
    Version: 1.1
    Pretty much the only reason I kept playing this game, thank you so much. Kudos to you.
  5. Muditha
    Version: 1.1
    I have a tracks bro but not showing race tracks bro help me how to install
    1. ReZ
      Author's Response
      check if you the DLC06 folder placed. where the other DLCs are.
  6. X3D
    Version: 0.8c
    Thanks for the mod, good fun, works well and looks great.
  7. ChevyGuy566
    Version: 0.8c
    This mod is freaking amazing dude! The supermotos are insanely fun on the rally tracks! And I swear the graphics seem way better than the stock content too.
  8. jm7xbf
    Version: 0.8b
    Great job! I feel real riding and touring (not race). It is my best bike sim I want. Thank you!
  9. Derby Z4
    Derby Z4
    Version: 0.8b
    This mod is great fun mate. As I have done a fair bit of green laning on my trail bike in Wales, I installed the rest of the Loeb Rally dirt stages to my game hoping they would work, but they didn't show in Ride2.
    It would be great to ride the dirt stages on the Super Moto's ! *****
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