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Ride 2 Unofficial Community Patch

Ride 2 Unofficial Community Patch 1.2

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Enjoy Ride2 in the best condition since release :)
This mod is a little spin-off from my other mod and just contains all the bug-fixes and extra goodies I have done to improve the game and nothin more.

- Ducati 998R - made non-functional Speedometer working
- Bimota V-Due 500 - made the 6th gear adjustable in bike-setup
- Husqvarna Vitpilen + Svartpilen - made the 6th gear adjustable in bike-setup
- fixed UI bug on Husky Supermoto setup (was showing incorrect 6 gears, now it has the correct 5)
- fixed RPM-Gauge on Yamaha R7
- fixed RPM-Gauges on Speed Triple and Triple R 2014
- fixed RPM-Gauge on Suzuki TL1000
- fixed a broken career event on Imola...Urban Style Rookie (Sportbikes up to 430pp 1vs1)
- fixed broken Titanium Akrapovic Exhaust on Honda VTR 1000 SP1 + SP2
- fixed a bug in the game, where you had to pay 150.000 / 200.000 credits for livery change on costum-built racebikes everytime.

the following 4 bugfixes require you to re-buy the bikes mentioned if you already own them :

- (R1) Suter MMX - fully adjustable suspension and gears
- (R2) KTM RC8 Track - fully adjustable suspension and gears
- (R3) Team Smiths Triumph 2015 - fully adjustable suspension and gears
- fixed Suzuki RM-Z 450 using wrong tyres

- changed physic-tick rate from 120hz to 180hz
- new exhausts for KTM Super Duke 2017 in shop
- new exhaust for Husqvarna Vitpilen + Vitpilen Aero in shop
- new exhausts for Ducati 916 in shop
- new carbon exhausts for Ducati 748 + Bimota SB8K in shop
- Helicopter-Camera selectable in replays
- Cockpit-Cams availible in split-screen mode.
- new exhaust for Honda CBR 2017 in shop
- Supermotos have backfire effect on downshifts
- removed the Milestone Intro Video
- changed visual model of top suspensions from gold to normal
- unlocked Supermoto Tracks Casteletto and Ottobiano for all bikes
- new type of visor unlocked in the shop for all race-helmets - mirrored multicolour

- for online function only data.mix needs to be replaced with original file, gfxgem.mix can stay modified but is only needed for the Honda VTR 1000 exhaust fix.

- exhaust you have bought and mounted the bikes while having the mod installed will stay on the bike after removing the mod and can even be seen by other players online :)
- the adjustable suspensions and gears stay on the R1/R2/R3 bikes.
- the Suzuki RM-Z 450 keeps the slick tyres

- backup your data.mix
- replace data.mix and gfxgem.mix in your Ride2 folder with the modified files.

- put original data.mix back in place.

YOU CAN SKIP THE NEXT STEP - if you don't care about the onboard view from the Suzuki TL1000R

- for extra quality use Mixfile Remixer and unpack gfxpak.mix and replace "GFX_GAUGE_017_545\GFX_GAUGE_017_54501.DDS"
with the file provided in the zip.
or download Suzki TL1000 GaugesFix and use the dds.file from that mod if you like mph more than kmh.
- while you're already at it ... you can also delete over 2000 useless textures in folders like
- repack gfxpak.mix

thanks to Dyego JhOu for the amazing BML-Editor
and LeMic for the essential MixFile Remixer

Latest updates

  1. another bug found and smashed^^

    - 6th gear on Husqvarna Svartpilen and Vitpilen adjustable now
  2. new stuff and bugfix

    - added new carbon exhausts to Bimota SB8K, Ducati 748 / 916 - Helicopter-Camera selectable in...

Latest reviews

- changed physic-tick rate from 120hz to 180hz

What does that mean? How did you do that? What exactly did you change?
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Top notch Stuff hope u can provide some more cool features in the future for e.g credits given in splitscreen races and the option to put stock tyre on rear and slick on front, but ova-all this is amazing work. :) ride 2 ride 2 what u gunna do !!!
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Great work Rez! Thank you very much for this..
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thank you for this, 2017 cbr ugly exhaust can be change now..
can you add a base model color palette ( red/black ) for the 2017 cbr and a new exhaust for 2016-2017 bikes ( gsxr, zx10r & etc ) ??
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