MotoGP Rider Change - Laverty replacing Melandri 1.2

Michael Laverty just took over permanently for Melandri at Aprilia

  1. rkh
    As you all know, Michael Laverty took over for Melandri at Aprilia.

    Mike Laverty > Marco Melandri (due to character restriction)
    Nation: Ireland (which is where he was actually born) instead of Great Britain, again due to character restrictions. Better solution than Italy for sure ;)

    - updated the official Laverty Bike Selection Screen #70 instead of #33
    - updated portrait
    - updated stats
    - country of origin
    - bike number texture and coloring

    Please note this does not include a riders suit update :rolleyes:



Recent Reviews

  1. VinZ1926
    Version: 1.2
    Man can you do the same mod with Stoner that replaces Dovizioso?
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