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Moto2 Update - Wilairot for Zaidi at JPMoto Malaysia 1.2

portrait, country of origin, stats + bike number #15 match real life now

  1. rkh
    Since Wilairot replaced Zaidi at JPMoto for at least the remainder of this season, here is the update :)


    1. Use mixfile remixer to extract CONTENT.MIX in your DLC01 folder, GFXPAK.MIX in your main folder and MENU.MIX, also located in main folder.

    2. Place the zaidi.dds picture file in GFXPAK/PICTURES/PILOTPIC and overwrite.

    3. Place the db_pilots.bml file in the CONTENT/DATA/DB folder and overwrite.

    4. Drop the number.dds file into MOTO2_2015/BIKES/BIKE553/PICTURES and overwrite

    5. Drop the db.zts in the folder of your language...for example: MENU/TEXT/USENGLISH and overwrite.

    6. Repack GFXPAK.MIX, MENU.MIX and finally CONTENT.MIX


    2015-06-27_00001.jpg 2015-06-27_00024.jpg