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Mid Ohio 2.01

RFACTOR 2 Mid Ohio Virtua LM

  1. Stefan Woudenberg
    Virtua_LM is proud to introduce you with Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course for rFactor 2. Converted from our fromscratch
    creation on rFactor, this track has been modified to take advantage of new rFactor 2 capabilities.
    Proposed with 2 layouts, Mid-Ohio is generally appreciated to offer close racing along this 3.5 km long track.


    Amax (archive), Chris (car modelling), Dave_3D (car modelling), DerDumeKlemmer (conversion), Discocandy (painting), Ethone (track modelling), Etone (archive), emac (IT and webmaster), F1Driver (painting), Gmilno (AIW), HarryCS (car modelling), JazzDevil (car modelling), Markus Nissa (car modelling & painting), Monsum (track modelling), Nugit (car modelling and tools), Racer-BR (painting), Swiss Hutless (car modelling), Sylvain (track modelling), T-Spark (painting), Tato (painting), Vassalfada (sounds), Vince Klortho (R&D), Zulu (painting).

    Our thoughts also go to our long term friends who built Virtua_LM history: Aprimatic, Burger4man, Danilo, Eden7c, Eclipsee, Joe Bar Team, King Of The Ring, Padajacaba, Revsect, Trumpf.

    Beta testers
    Arnold Wong, Batman, Bullitt, Christ, David Wright, Desmo, Digitt, DrGroove, Elio75, Elwood, emac, Eric.Bugs, F1Racer, Firefox, gadjo, Greeze, Greybrad, Grietick, Grincheux, Gundam, JBMASS, Kakushi, Kalaan, Khyn, Menro, mianiak, Mika Hirvonen, MilleFeuilles21, MotorFX, Moucham, Mullog, Niko, Nikolovic, Otaugames, Pete Walsh, Punko353, Raegon, Roswell, sg72, Spacekid, SpeedFr, Sticky-Fingers, Sulky, Taz, TheLonely, TheNewBob, Tmsi68, Valgone, Vevex, Yoss.

    Special thanks go to....
    Image Space Incorporated (ISI) ...for providing us with great modding platforms for so many years.
    emac ...for hosting our forums and for his kindness and honesty in our everyday virtual life.
    Our testing team ...for their valuable help in the last moments preceding the release.
    Our families ..., who shared and endured this strange passion during those last years.
    Our loyal fans.


    Terms and conditions
    Conversion or modification of any of this package's contents is strictly prohibited, whatever the destination platform.
    Usage of some textures can be granted according to the conditions described inside the Virtua_LM disclaimer written on our website.
    In a more general way, the restrictions of use applied to this package are described inside the disclaimer section of
    the Virtua_LM website. Any additional question can be asked (in a polite way) on our forums.


    1. midohio.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Chris Mathews
    Chris Mathews
    Version: 2.01
    Great track - love 'The Keyhole'
  2. Emerson Martins
    Emerson Martins
    Version: 2.01
    Virtua LM. Enough to explain the quality level of the track. Amazing as always! Thank You!
  3. Tr51
    Version: 2.01
  4. Bernd Graf
    Bernd Graf
    Version: 2.01
    Finally my 2009 BMW livery has a home :)
  5. Lazarou
    Version: 2.01
    Same as Sdrenno, no contest. Glad they are making them for RF2! It is a privilege to drive this circuit.
  6. Sderenno
    Version: 2.01
    Simply the best tracks makers
  7. Foresight
    Version: 2.0
    VLM circuit are often awesome.
    This track...i really enjoy driving on this
    Thanks a lot
  8. Wilson Santos
    Wilson Santos
    Version: 2.0
  9. Tr51
    Version: 2.0
    fantastic job, well done
  10. Jason Langendorfer
    Jason Langendorfer
    Version: 2.0
    VLM does it again. Amazing work!
  11. Ian Franssen
    Ian Franssen
    Version: 1.91
    Fantastic track to drive on, good quality
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