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Lola B12/60 Rebellion Racing 2013 OpenSource 1.0

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This is the open source of the scratch build Lola B12/60 Rebellion Racing 2013
Chassis : Lola B12/60
Team : Rebellion Racing 2013
Engine : Toyota 3.4L V8
Series : FIA WEC 2013

Model : Stefan Woudenberg
Physics : Stefan Woudenberg and Frederic Schornstein
Sound : iDT Simulations (with permission)
Testing : Frederic Schornstein & Stefan Woudenberg
Templates and Model corrections : Sven Hielscher
Skins by : Joao Fernandes
Custom skin by : Sven Hielscher

Thank you guys, you rock!!! :)

Other thanx go to the community which gave me many years of online fun and I hope many more to come! :)

This is the opensource package from the LOLA B12/60 which was used by the Swiss racing team Rebellion Racing.

To make this work:
- drop the LOLA_B12_60 folder in the modev\vehiles folder.
- the ToyotaRV8KLM folder which is in the LOLA_B12_60\Sound folder should go into the ModDev\Sounds folder.
- the files inside the LOLA_B12_60\rfm folder should be copied in the ModDev\rFm folder.

Please no questions about how to use 3DS MAX and or Blender. I learned myself from scratch like building this car.

This is an opensource which you can use, but never forget to mention the original creator(s) of this mod.

For the sound, you will need to ask permission from iDT Simulations yourself.

Be creative and make something great yourself, this source can help you to see how it can be done. :)

Enjoy! :)

Thanx again go to all who helped me to get this together and also the community!!!
Greatest community out there!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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I love the fact that you released an open source version of a mod. Very well done. Thank you!
Stefan Woudenberg
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