McLaren 720s GT4 Converion Mod

McLaren 720s GT4 Converion Mod 0.9

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1st Racing Studio McLaren 720s GT4 Conversion by MisterWaffles (and a few others)


(Link to the required mod is included in the README file)

Unlike the Genesis, this isn't available on any other website, so the only way to make this is to copy and paste the new files from this download over the original mod by 1st Racing Studio once it's installed. I'd also highly recommend changing the folder name to "mclaren_720s_gt4" to avoid the sound breaking. If it does break, just use CM to fix it.

So, you might have seen this Forza rip of a McLaren floating around for a bit that claimed to be a "GT3". Then the actual good version from ACC was released and this one fell into complete obscurity because who would want to use it? This physics/conversion mod seeks to answer that question and give it some new life.

Let's be honest, there's really no reason to use this over the Guerilla 570s GT4 (that ironically made this obsolete), or any other GT4 car for that matter. The model has a couple problems (but looks decent from the outside) and the suspension is taken straight from a McLaren GT3 car (who's suspensions I hate).

We've come in and reworked the engine, changed the suspension values so it feels much better, adjusted the weight, added new skins and a few more things I'm probably forgetting. The result is a decent and balanced GT4 car made out of a strange original mod.

This is by no means a super serious mod or anything. We've just tried to make something more out of a forgotten car. Hopefully you try it and enjoy it, but I won't be that upset if you don't because let's be honest, you're probably only trying this if you're a big fan of the 720s.

The car is currently in perpetual version 0.9. I doubt it will ever be updated again now that the 570s GT4 is here. But yet again, this mod is here if you want it for whatever reason. So please enjoy if you do try it out.

Also, BGR with gold wheels is cool. Only use that skin, I command you!
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