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Manor Motorsport Marussia Skin 1.1

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Simply replaces the Marussia logos and Marussia twitter account etc with those of Manor Motorsport. To find out why I am doing this click here:
This will be in my F1 2015 mod with a Marussia name change so I would go and get it for best results. Currently it just changes the car, I am working on the pit driver uniform etc. Also if you download my F1 2015 mod it changes the Marussia logo in grand prix to Manor Motorsport in an update that is coming soon.
You can download the pit wall here:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/9j55gumtgo498uw/Marussia Garage Wall.zip
You can download the pit crew here:
Manor Marussia 2.gif
Manor Marussia.gif

Also I included the file for editing the skin so feel free to make adjustments as you wish. And remember team and driver suits are on there way.

Latest updates

  1. Completely Reskined the car

    I completely reskined the car to silver and added some new logos on the hood. Also added 2...

Latest reviews

Very cool
thanks.just started a career with marussia.and this is going straight into my game file.on the other note i really hope marussia/manor motorsport survive and we see them one the grid next year
Glad you like it. I am working on pit crew, driver suits right now. Yes hopefully Marussia come back next year (as Manor) and #ForzaJules
File size
22.6 MB
First release
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4.50 star(s) 2 ratings

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