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All Drivers Are Equal Mod 1.0

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Sick and Tired of all races being won by Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton? Do you want Max Chilton to win the Championship? I have heard you, and I have acted!
This mod makes all drivers as good as Lewis Hamilton, All teams as good as Mercedes, and some other small tweaks! Enjoy the mod! No Photos as there is nothing to take a photo of!

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works great
It's kind of weird that your mod has made Force India dominate every race. I don't know if it has any thing to do with other mods that I had before.
Your mod has made the game more exciting and I love that. Also I've done some test and find out that big teams are still faster (but the gap isn't that much now).
That is always gonna happen, I made all the drivers the same, but car performance etc will impact the result
Just a simple question: How to open the database, because I too want to keep other mods connected with the database?
Thanks in advance for the respond!
PS: I really liked the mod!
I would give this mod 5, if there would be unchanged physics, but drivers skills are equal.
Man, you are awesome! I was looking for this mod so much time ago! :D You made me to create an account on this forum just to say you a big: THANKS! (Sorry, english isn't my native language) :D
it doesnt work for me, do i have to create a new profile??
You shouldn't have to. Mine work without it. What do you mean it doesn't work?
i hope when I first test it it will be fun :D at the moment lookjs perfect
Yes, this is good, may I ask what you changed so I can change it in my own database file? I changed mine with many other mods so they all work fine together (:
I changed AI Driver files of all drivers to 1 (same as Hamilton), changed team performances of all teams to 1 (same as Mercedes), made everybody tier 1, change prestige of all teams to 500 (same as Mercedes) and made all engines have 750 power (Same as the Mercedes-Benz engine).
Awesome mod. Is it possible to make just Marussia as fast as Mercedes?
AWESOME! I've wanted this for soooo long!!!
Glad you like it! I haven't figured out how to change where you start with a random grid (So that Bianchi has a chance at getting pole etc) but when I do I will release an update! Is their anything else I should change that you would think would make it better? And once again thanks! And go and sign my petition against codemasters here:
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