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Lost Intentions Drift Park v2

Multi Directional Drift Park

  1. rb30detR33
    20190326001220_1.jpg 20190326001018_1.jpg
    Created By - Lost Intentions Drift Club
    Visual Update By - | Jello | - Hitachi Street Club

    Short Track Dedicated To Drift Racing
    Multi Direction
    Transition + Static Cameras
    20 Pitboxes


    1. 20190326001052_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. colors25
    Version: v2
    Some pits are bugged above the pits building, please, fix them.
  2. elvis feet
    elvis feet
    Version: v2
    Loads of fun in the smaller formula cars. Melkus, Avia, Metalex, Raf...etc. Have fun
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