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WOODSIDE RACEWAY by Lost Intentions

WOODSIDE RACEWAY by Lost Intentions 3

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Fictional Drift track created by Lost Intentions drift club
(Requires Custom Shaders Patch and SOL)

-30 Pit Boxes
-GrassFX Config (Thanks xJelloxx)
-Lights Config
-Track textures dirt,tire marks

View attachment Screenshot_nissan_rps13_oldschool_v1_lost_intentions_woodside_raceway_8-4-120-14-9-23.jpg View attachment Screenshot_nissan_rps13_oldschool_v1_lost_intentions_woodside_raceway_7-4-120-12-46-24.jpg View attachment 361169 View attachment Screenshot_nissan_rps13_oldschool_v1_lost_intentions_woodside_raceway_5-4-120-13-47-28.jpg View attachment Screenshot_nissan_rps13_oldschool_v1_lost_intentions_woodside_raceway_7-4-120-12-41-44.jpg

Latest updates

  1. V3

    Fixed Pit Area Colliders Adjusted Track Cams Adjusted Lights

Latest reviews

Spot on
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I downloaded ur file and extracted it into my tracks folder, and now even when u just search for the track ingamge it crashes
Upvote 1
The road still got some slight weird bump but overall massive improvement from the previous works. Well done.
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That track is really beautiful. I would love to just sit there and take a look around ;-)
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This has to be one of the coolest "fantasy" track's I've driven in a good while.
The track really comes to life at night, with the lights and vegetation, makes the track feel even more compact and tight. Really enjoy the elevation changes and the BIG entry. Not a huge fan of the last chicane before the main straight, but other than that, the track is phenomenal!
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File size
122.8 MB
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4.60 star(s) 5 ratings