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looking good, with the metallic effects, it will be perfect
What an awesome skin! Thanks alot!
looks perfect thanks
really great mod, only thing i have huge diffrence between quali and race difficulty, how to make that even?
Mod download please..
Fantastic skin well done...
Kannst du es bite ins Deutsche übersetzen
Really nice, thank you!
Thank you!
Looking good ! Thanks for the share ;-)
For Joycam in AC Apps
interesting! However, when I try to assign a function to the Bumper button, it doesn't work. Unusable button? Bumper left and right buttons.
「move roll = bumpers」
It calls that 'rblb', it's in the readme but is there a better place to write that?
thanks, nice.
Good sound. But can you make this for the E46 M3 GTR? That would be much appreciated
the colors arent the same as yours, what should i do ?
Thanks for the awesome sound mod! Any plans to include the S1 version (a3dr_ferrari_512tr_s1) as well?
very cool... thanks for making and sharing :) looks great at Chang track.
Cheers! Glad you like it.
Fantastic Job!
Very yummy :) . Thank you for sharing.
Good job man! Can you add pit lane "NOW" sponsor? :)
nice 1 , thank You !!
Doesn't work anymore :(
For Spotter in AC Apps
App seems to be dead. Doesn't work in the current game version
I installed both the reshade and ingame version of this filter and I don't know if i should also have the ingame filter enabled. The ingame filter has major ghosting issues. The instructions aren't clear. Isn't sol a filter as well? So do i have sol set as my ingame filter and have the inmersive set from reshade on top of the sol filter? I am so confused and I cannot get anything close to the images you provide.
You're not understanding how Assetto Corsa Post-process work, let's start from the begining. The SOL ppfilter is a ppfilter made by PeterBoerse (sol weatherFX creator) and you can use the one you want, you have to choose my filter in-game post-process app. "Inmersive_Natural" is the ppfilter you want to use. In the reshade window you have to choose Inmersive_natural_reshade.ini as reshade Preset, and this one will enable all the effects for you with the correct values in reshade. The "GHOSTING" effect is NOT related to ANY Ppfilter, it is a CustomShaderPath problem (ExtraFX > SSLR/MotionBlur/Temporary AntiAliasing).
Game Ppfilter selection > Inmersive_Natural.ini
Reshade preset selection > Inmersive_natural_reshade.ini
That's it.
Amazing man! However, I'm having problem hiding the face to play in first person. Could you tell me what's wrong with this config?






Nicely done! Great sounds
Doskonale odwzorowany tor ! Brawo !!!
Very nice work! Can you maybe add #ObrigadoSenna at the start-finish bridge?
The game UV map don´t allow me that
Nice one. Keep up the work!
Hi! Work in 1.16?
best drive in the game !!
amazing again,thanks a lot
the turbo gauge is missing
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