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The author of the mod fixed the heavy traction so kudos for that and yet it's a very good version of Bahrain. What stops me from giving it 5 stars is that it seems to be lacking night lighting in the stands and when you're crossing the finishing line during the night it feels a bit dark and lifeless. But during the day it's a very good mod! Good job!
Thanks for the review :)
took my team to a whole new level very well done
Such a nice quality model.
Nice work!

I do have a slight issue with the helmet though. Loads perfectly on the menu's but in a race situation the helmet presents a random range of colours? Can't quite figure out how to fix it! Any ideas? :)

Nevertheless, still great work! Hope to see some more mods from yourself soon! :)
Looks fantastic, one of my favorite on the site. I can confirm the copy and paste livery works now, and I appreciate you adding both black and white liveries in that so it can be easily switched throughout the season.

A tip for the team name - I called it Repsol H0NDA Team, with the number 0 instead of O (game allows this). It is barely noticeably with the in-game font and since the actual Honda logo is in all caps I think it works well.
Thanks! Im looking to add a V4 or maybe add it as a separate mod since its different and includes new suits and logo, based off this one. Thanks for that tip too, nice way to get around the censorship :D
amazing work could you add the moose logo on the side of the alpha tauri please thanks
Looks great, thanks.
Big thx Lean.
a great job would you do to Lewis Hamilton's helmet for your career
looks great but i dont know how to put it on Please tell how
10 stars out of 5 available, Fantastic job!
great! however i do have a question, when i use the copy/paste method, it doesnt allow me to play multiplayer with my friends, any way to fix this?
You can only play multiplayer with the original game files!
You are an absolute genius. This makes the track a lot better and realistic. Thank you sir
your work continues to be outstanding!!! keep this is...you are my go to now skins and the teams!!!
Amazing work, thanks you!
Always great to see some historically significant Japanese motorsport legends! Would love to see the Skyline 1500 GT-B or even a Sports 800 to add to this little monster :)
gut gedacht , schlecht gemacht-das ist alles falsch herum gedreht
Omg yess. I was gonna attempt to make this myself but im bad at this type of stuff. So i was wondering if you could make Lewis Hamilton's 2012 US GP helmet?
Really good job ı am so happy with it but if it is possible ı want you to change the number 10 (Gasly's Number) to another number so I can use it for my career, the number really doesn't matter. Thanks for your effort one more time.
Looks amazing. I was wondering if you could make the 1992 Williams?
Don't use Sol and have now tried every Assetto Corsa known to man. Most don't work nicely as in, there's always a colour problem of some sort. Chris Kennedy's Natural filter was my go to one but after trying this one - WOW! Totally changed the look of Assetto for me.

Better colouring, the enviroment doesn't look washed out - some stuff just pops out at me and I'm very impressed with this filter. So if you're like me and using CSP without Sol and want better visuals, I think this is the best yet and tbh it doesn't seem to affect my fps either.

I tried sol recently and i had performance issues but admittedly Sol did make Assetto look punchier. This filter is the nearest to looking like Sol without using Sol.

Highly recommended
Thanks you for the review and the kind words, i'm glad that you like it :) Enjoy !
awesome track...thanks for sharing
I highly recommend this track, excellent work raced with the V8 Judd
Thank you! :)