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It sounds excellent, like every other sound mod by you. Thanks a lot.

But here is something to improve: consider adjusting the volumes of your cars with side exhaust. At the moment, the cars are very loud after they fly by, especially the BMW M8 which is very quiet in real life. The car should reach the highest volume level when the exhaust is pointing towards the camera. You may be able to achieve this by slightly lowering the volume on both cone angles.
I had a problem after the new update of assetto corsa.
I fixed it by setting the wheel to max of 1080° instead to 900° and used the csv as file from the content manager
i like this kind of full mods, pitcrew is the thing that is hard to find, everything else is liveries lol
Thanks bud
Well pitcrew and stuff is annoying to do
Thanks !! super!!
Does it work with the super season mod?
My favorite era for racing. Great selection of cars with very good sounds.
A nice update to the original mod with much more pointed steering feel.
Brakes need work and flames need to either be fixed or removed entirely.
Does it work with the superseason mod?
Vas a hacer mas actualizacion del tramo es decir o poner copiloto (que diga las notas) o que sea mas realista
awesome works dude, very nice. can you make others template?
Any chance for hulkenberg update?
Outstanding! I hope you decide to work on more and put them together. Excellent livery, looks amazing.
Working on a 2013 skin pack atm but it will take me awhile ;)
Looks amazing, but is there a way, that you can do a Copy Paste-Version of this beauty?
For people that say it is disabled open the Mod settings in game with F1 to pause the game click in the bottom right corner open it up and then look for this mod and uncheck the disabled mod box this should fix the problem I did this with Lifter Mod when it disabled it self
This is incredible holy sh*t
thanks now my parts doesnt look shitty
Thanks I don't want to do it x)
Great work!
It's great, but the overlay is too big and i don't know how to solve it. Could you help?
Sorry for my English
If you are using overlay, when you start just drag the bottom right cornet and place it where where you want and in whatever size you want ;)
Great livery! I've been waiting this for a long time.
can you do the green circle for the classic cars ? please
Thx. Ok.
Thanks. Very cool helmet! I'll use this for the F2 Career.
I cannot see any stats, I guess due to the following error reported in the log:
WARNING ARCSharedMemoryMonitor.getShmVersion : Could not parse SHM version into a number - Input string was not in a correct format.

Any suggestion?

Doug Duthie
Doug Duthie
I'll PM you
Great Work!! Thanks!!