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What racing gear do you use while sim racing?

  • Gloves

    Votes: 313 20.2%
  • Boots

    Votes: 63 4.1%
  • Gloves + Boots

    Votes: 151 9.7%
  • None

    Votes: 1,023 66.0%

Latest reviews

This is wonderful! DICE has gone long away.
Can I expect England and Indonesia etc.? :)
Thank you very much
Very disappointing compared to TM-Modding Cupra.
I deeply prefer doing a race with a well made and unique Cupra TCR, instead of multiple non finished cars.
My +++++++
I give it 5 stars not because the cars are very good. They are just a bit above OK. But I just want virtual TCR to stay on Assetto Corsa next year and for free. The competition system is very good and deserves 5 stars. The RD collaboration and simracing GP works very well also. Absolutely 5 stars.

My --------
Thus the exterior is ok for me the car 3d model interiors lack details. Should be better for an official mod. Also the "ripped models" cotroversy that come with it is not good for TCR reputation. They may need to solve it quickly to prevent it taking too big proportion.
The car sounds has the same issues that Guerilla Mods cars have, crackling, saturations, etc.

Imho WSC should rebuild the cars by hiring team like RSS or VRC or URD for the 2022 edition. This could be one of the biggest competition in sim racing history if done right.
The mod is awesome!

But I'm having problems with the last step n9, i need to do this every time I start the game, but not always work, what i'm doing wrong?

INFO: Program started
INFO: Due to the newest F1 2020 patch, it may be quicker in some cases (or the only way in others!) to use 'Cheat Engine' to find the term {o:mixed}Carlos{/o} as a custom start in Find Offsets rather than letting it search.
INFO: Detected as DX12 version, loading offsets
INFO: F1 Process detected
INFO: Attempting to discover offsets... This might take a minute or so
INFO: 0% ... at address: 0x1b000000000
INFO: 10% ... at address: 0x1b077359400
INFO: 20% ... at address: 0x1b0ee6b2800
INFO: 30% ... at address: 0x1b165a0bc00
INFO: 40% ... at address: 0x1b1dcd65000
INFO: 50% ... at address: 0x1b2540be400
INFO: 60% ... at address: 0x1b2cb417800
INFO: 70% ... at address: 0x1b342770c00
INFO: 80% ... at address: 0x1b3b9aca000
INFO: 90% ... at address: 0x1b430e23400
INFO: Finished searching for offsets at 1b4a817c800
WARN: Didn't find offsets first time, now trying alternative search location. This will take even longer...
INFO: It may be quicker to find in Cheat Engine the term {o:mixed}Carlos{/o} and using that as a custom start for Find Offsets
INFO: Detected as DX12 version, loading offsets
INFO: F1 Process detected
INFO: Attempting to discover offsets... This might take a minute or so
INFO: 0% ... at address: 0x21000000000
INFO: 10% ... at address: 0x2274876e800
INFO: 20% ... at address: 0x23e90edd000
INFO: 30% ... at address: 0x255d964b800
INFO: 40% ... at address: 0x26d21dba000
INFO: 50% ... at address: 0x2846a528800
INFO: 60% ... at address: 0x29bb2c97000
INFO: 70% ... at address: 0x2b2fb405800
INFO: 80% ... at address: 0x2ca43b74000
INFO: 90% ... at address: 0x2e18c2e2800
INFO: Finished searching for offsets at 2f8d4a51000
WARN: Failed to find one or more regions, this may cause some names and/or teams to be missed. Either try restarting the game and running "Find Offsets" again (In the Game menu), or disable custom offsets and use the default english offsets
INFO: Memory Changer started
INFO: Clearing old lookups (if any)
INFO: Loading lookup tables
INFO: Using custom offsets
INFO: Editing Menu Region 1...
ERROR: Failed to find Menu Region 1
INFO: Editing Menu Region 2...
ERROR: Failed to find Menu Region 2
INFO: Editing Character Selection Region...
ERROR: Failed to find Character Selection Region
INFO: Editing In Game Region...
ERROR: Failed to find Game region
INFO: Editing Teams...
INFO: Done!
amazing work thanks man you made my day...
I give five stars because it's free
For what these are (free Mods) I think they are excellent... Great job guys!
This is a great addition. I really like the vibe you've given this track. Thanks.
People are hating this mod a lot, but it is probabily still the best tcr mod out there. Unless we count tommy78’s cars, but those are paid
It's a very fun car so thanks for giving it one additional skin, this is well appreciated. Sorry you got a one star review, this is not deserved at all.
*very* disappointing for a supposedly "officially-licensed" TCR mod.
I think the best one to manage the multiservers situation. Also the entry list creation ot's very simple and efficient. It's also easy to set up, control and manage different servers from a single compact view. I've raised a defect in the scheduled server behaviour, but I think will be fixed in the next version (current 1.4.2). Very impressive tool. Nice work
It's a must, thank you.
Excellent work. Would love to see Kamui Kobayashi's 2011 Sauber skin for Formula RSS 2 V8 2017.
I don't know the real track but it looks a bit narrow, I think some reference point would be appreciated like some braking boards before corners and maybe some objects around the track.
It has potential but I think is more like v0.5 just a bit more work on objects and textures.
This is such an amazing mod, is there a way to do it for F1 2019 also? I wanted to do a full F2 2018 Season for F1 2019 but would rather use my name instead of one of the actual F2 driver.
Not great, not terrible.
I'll list the bad parts.

- Lighting is too strong on the track/cars, no matter what exposure setting with A3PP, giving a very bright/unrealistic shine - this even affects the in-game display names at various points of the track, which really shouldn't be affected by the lighting at all, and that's concerning

- - Random void of darkness is very noticeable on the outside of the track

- Corners, for example Turn 1 through Turn 3, don't seem accurate to real life
The skins are perfect. The only issue I have found is a bug with the Diablo that just make the game crash if you start from the pitlane or stop at the pits during the race. If anyone has had this problem and found some sort of a fix, let me know