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Wonderful skins thanks for sharing!
Such a fun track thanks for sharing!
I have there still the bootlid and rear window pla help
It is loud enough. I don't understand why people complain about it - go watch a real driver cam video of a 512TR and see that this guy did it great!
Extremely awesome mod!! is it possible to add another number? I really would wish to do a 13 thanks for your work and the tutorials awesome job!
Mikołaj Juszczak
Mikołaj Juszczak
Thanks man! I'll DM you about the number.
Like one guy said above it sometimes bugged and not working. Could just drop a file plealse. It would be great :D
Awesome work, many thanks!
Glad you like it ;-)
que alegria me has dado
Excellent job. Appreciate your effort and good looking mod
I agree it's not quite loud enough. Or maybe not quite screechy/aggressive enough. But overall, spine-tingling. (It's a pity, though, that in all that industrial real-estate there is no echo effect. That would make the sound even more awesome as you go from inside to outside and back again.)
I made interior and exterior reach peak db before clipping so you cant get louder
Outstanding, cheers for sharing Ross....
It's pretty good except for one thing. I don't know If It sounds like that in real life but It sounds silenced a bit, also can you do 812 Superfast with Novitec exhaust? That would be amazing
i absolutely love this mod. from the handling of the car to the sound which is in my opinion second to none
Thank you so much for the comment and rating.
I'm glad you liked it. Hug!
great car, drives and sounds very well..
but is there any chance for a skin template? Would like to make some basic liveries
nice job man, a must have
Great work....Huge thank you
great collection. Thank you.
Great sound! The howl of this motor is amazing, it's a great job! But, why is there no sound of tire slip?
Sounds fantastic man! Thank you.
Nice skin. Thank you. Why did you make the windows black/grey instead of transparent?
very nice skins. Thank you. In Single player mode they show completly white. Had to unpack the mas-file into the directory
Danny Vincent
Thanks for the review and the heads up on that issue. Ill unpack the mas in the download in case its causing anyone else a headache.
Car tuning needs to be done.
Great job as always. Can you also make Ocon Renault helmet?
God grant you all the best!!! Good job!!!!
How did you manage to do that?
Oh My GOD! :O
not work
very good skin , like the bastos skins , thanks
Very cool
Nice Work! Feels good drive a circuit of my country, Thanks! I really want this dream com true! What a good circuit!
Nice Work! Feels good drive a circuit of my country, Thanks!
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